Creating Leaders for the Era of Continuous Innovation

December 11, 2019 | New Workplace Leadership | 3 min read

Creating Leaders for the Era of Continuous Innovation

The way we work has changed forever, and so too must the way we lead.

New technologies and digitally enabled business models are transforming the business landscape, and the pace of change is accelerating. To be successful in an age of constant change and disruption, organizations require leaders at all levels and in all functions to be comfortable with new methodologies such as agile and design thinking, capabilities such as data analytics, and technologies such as artificial intelligence. Yet much of our workforce lacks competency in these critical areas. Leadership development can play a pivotal role in closing the gap when leaders are enabled with the important digital competencies, empowering organizations to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Unfortunately, even though 90% of companies invest in leadership training, only two out of five companies are developing leaders in a way that benefits the business. Typically, this is because the training lacks the required focus on modern leadership competencies and digital age mindsets. However, those who do invest in the right training experience a significant positive impact. According to C-Suite Challenge 20189: Future-Ready Organization from The Conference Board, organizations that develop the strongest digital leadership capabilities outperform those with the weakest capability by 50%.

We launched Skillsoft Leadership Development Program (SLDP) in 2018 to deliver leadership training focused on essential modern competencies, informed by a scientific understanding of how people learn, and delivered on a platform optimally designed for modern learners around the world. We’re very honored by the recognition we’ve received for this work including awards from The Brandon Hall Group, Wainhouse Research, The Telly Awards, along with our consistent ranking as a Top 20 Company for Leadership Training by the Training Industry. But like the leaders we develop through our leadership training solutions, we must constantly innovate to stay relevant.

From the beginning, we've shared a vision with MIT Sloan Management Review to deliver world-class content. We are thrilled to announce that we are now further powering the Skillsoft Leadership Development Program with MIT Sloan Management Review in an exclusive collaboration. Together we bridge the gap between the rigor of academic research and the relevance of daily practice, at the intersection of business and technology to develop leaders who will need to lead at the speed of artificial intelligence (AI).

“Skillsoft and MIT Sloan Management Review are tightly aligned in our shared vision of the future of leadership development for the digital world. Together, we are better equipped to develop and deliver best-in-class, visionary content that will prepare leaders in every corner of the world to be successful in a digital economy. Access to leadership development training that accelerates agility, an innovation mindset, and digital skills is increasingly critical in today’s digital world where innovation drives competitive advantage.”

-Paul Michelman, editor in chief, MIT Sloan Management Review.

The alignment between SLDP and MIT Sloan Management Review is centered upon our shared vision of the future of leadership and the importance of delivering effective instruction that engages learners in the ways they prefer to learn. This exclusive program will provide learners access to visionary content and thought leaders, which is typically only available to MIT Sloan Management Review subscribers or members of the MIT community. We offer learning that can fit into busy lives via courses, articles, videos, audiobooks, live virtual events, or podcasts. Best of all, current SLDP customers won't have to do anything different to ensure their learners receive this exceptional content.

The Skillsoft Leadership Development Program powered by MIT Sloan Management Review is honored to advance leaders at all levels of your organization so they can be prepared to tackle the challenges and opportunities of continuous innovation. Who’s ready to get started?

To learn more, please visit SLDP powered by MIT Sloan Management Review.

Heide Abelli is the General Manager and SVP, Leadership & Business at Skillsoft.