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June 22, 2022 | Reskill Your Workforce | 6 min read

Skills are the new currency in the modern workforce. They have the power to drive growth- both for the organization and the individual. But there’s a difference between simply learning a skill and mastering it. As learners pursue new skillsets, they seek to build something larger than just one individual skill, they seek to build marketable competency. And building competency at scale is what all organizations aim to do in the spirit of creating value.

But technology and a prolonged global pandemic are driving near-constant change in the world, which changes the skillsets (and competencies) that businesses need to stay competitive. As these skills become increasingly scarce, organizations will start to see the negative effects to their business. This is shown to be true by McKinsey, who found that 100M workers globally may need to switch occupations by 2030, a 12% increase from before the pandemic.

Even though organizations are under this constant pressure to meet their ever-changing strategic goals, which are contingent upon highly-skilled talent, hiring is only part of the solution. Ultimately, enterprises will need to invest in both upskilling and reskilling to meet the challenge.

At the end of the day, the main obstacle with developing competencies is that learners are often not provided the targeted, skill-based training to build out the specialized and in-demand capabilities. The skillset needed today to remain competitive is vastly different from the skills needed even a year or two ago. And in order to build competency across the organization, businesses must find a way to build and develop these skills, in a more flexible approach that applys to a spectrum of learners.

This begs the question — how can organizations stay ahead in developing skills and competencies if they are starting from behind? How can organizations develop both their employee skillsets and scale their business at the same time, given the real constraints on resources? A good start is to deliver what employees seek; highly relevant, outcome-oriented learning experiences that fuel durable skills mastery and foster innovation. As the skills gap widens, and organizations increasingly find the need to reskill both their technical workforces and their business leaders, there is an immense need for a more flexible and immersive learning experience with a blend of instructional methods that can be scaled across the organization.

To meet this challenge, Skillsoft has released Skillsoft Career Journeys, the newest learning offering within the Percipio platform. Building on Skillsoft’s framework of Aspire Journeys, which are aligned to specific skill and role proficiencies, Career Journeys take the enterprise to the next level by delivering personalized and connected learning experiences for the most sought-after career and technology areas.

Skillsoft Career Journeys are a series of career-centric learning programs that enable employees to develop and master mission-critical competencies at scale, and year over year. This multi-modal program brings an all-inclusive learning experience to the enterprise by blending live, on-demand and hands-on learning strategies, empowering employees with the training that they need, all while driving meaningful business transformation within their company. These learning experiences are elegantly curated around specific job-roles and skill profiles within a given domain, that offers an intuitive experience for the learner, and simplicity of deployment for the enterprise.

Career Journeys are curated around specific types of technology, business, and interpersonal skills. The first two that we have built, First Time Manager Career Journey and Cybersecurity Career Journey, will help learners develop crticial competencies, at scale, across the enterprise:

First-Time Manager Career Journey

Skillsoft’s First-Time Manager Career Journey prepares new managers to succeed in their roles by providing a defined path to mastery of the foundational business skills and leadership competencies needed to effectively manage teams and achieve business objectives. Covering 20 core skills and competencies, this career journey offers learners a mix of modalities - on-demand content, group coaching sessions, and virtual instructor-led training - as well as a series of hands-on projects that lets them apply new concepts directly to their jobs. Delivered as a scalable, interactive, real-world applicable program, the First-Time Manager Career Journey enables organizations to develop the skills they need across their workforce and gives new managers the flexibility to learn how and when they want to.

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Cybersecurity Career Journey

The Cybersecurity Career Journey is an enterprise solution that offers instructional variety to advance cybersecurity competencies. It combines learning science, with expert content to increase information retention and on the job application of new skills. Best of all, your team doesn’t have to piece together and vet solutions from multiple sources. Cybersecurity Career Journey is a prescriptive path to certification and skill development built on a foundation you can trust. The 12-month program combines all the training your security professionals will need to advance cybersecurity competencies – on-demand videos, instructor-led training, books, test preparation, hands-on practice labs, and mentoring for one, affordable price.

So, why Skillsoft Career Journeys? Here are the features that make us stand out:

  • All on one, trusted platform – Career journeys all contain multiple different types of learning modules that are all managed and run within one platform, allowing organizations to build scalable and sustainable programs across their business.
  • Content depth – Tight integration of live, on-demand, and hands-on learning, delivering immediately applicable and durable outcomes related to skills, job roles, or certifications for any number of employees.
  • Intutitive Curation – The sequencing of learning paths within the Career Journeys offer a simple and elegant way for learners to experience the curriclum and ease of deployment for the enterprise
  • Social learning with experts and peers – These learning programs will help to build camaraderie, networking, and mentorship opportunities amongst peers. And as learners converse and collaborate with one another on their experiences, they will start to utilize a group thinking and learning mindset.
  • Recognized experts – Skillsoft has worked closely with subject matter experts and recognized industry leaders to build this content and certification prep materials.
  • Reduced administrative burden – Expert curation and automatic updates help employees to have the most relevant and current learning experience, empowering admins to focus on designing high-impact learning programs.

And this type of learning has truly extended beyond Skillsoft Career Journeys. Over the last few years, Skillsoft has added many new forms of learning for all different types of learning all available on Percipio, including instructor-led training, digital coaching, and hands-on practice labs. Career Journeys brings all of these different forms of learning together in one curriculum, resulting in highly engaging and outcome-oriented learning examples that drive enterprise growth and professional innovation.

Career Journeys will truly allow your learners to move from “doing” to “mastering” technical, manager, business, and interpersonal skills through a multi-modal learning program, delivering value to both your learners and your learning leaders.

It’s time to transform today’s modern workforce with the skills of tomorrow.