How to Scale Personalized Training with Dynamic Content in Percipio

June 27, 2024 | What's Hot | 4 min read


  • Skillsoft launches Dynamic Content feature in Percipio: Learning admins can now reduce their workload and deliver personalized learning assignments to their employee base. 
  • How it Works: Using this new feature, LMS admins can build a single, comprehensive assignment that adapts to employees based on their answers to profile questions.
  • Why This Matters: This new functionality will reduce the workload of LMS admins, saving them time as they set up, assign, and monitor training. The new feature will also help grow personalized learning experiences. 
  • What's Available to Customers?: This feature is available to existing customers, with two templates for workplace harassment readily available to those who license Skillsoft's Compliance Suite. More templates will be added in the future. 

Creating a curriculum for employees can take up a significant amount of a learning administrator's time, especially for recurring compliance training. Often, creating unique assignments or journeys, inclusive of the myriad guidelines or mandates set forth by governments around the world, requires a heavy cognitive workload.

In the U.S., many states have specific training mandates, requiring employees who reside there to consume pertinent information. As an LMS admin, knowing who lives where isn't always readily available, making your job harder when assigning regular compliance training. 

And then there's delivery. Building a learning assignment for each specific state, region, or country takes time. When you're creating 5, 10, or even more assignments based on location and employees' roles, the work becomes exponentially more. Not to mention tracking progress, completions, and utilization metrics. 

But that's changing now.

Dynamic Content: Deliver the Right Training to Employees Faster

Skillsoft has launched a new feature in Percipio called Dynamic Content. For Skillsoft customers, you will now have the ability to adaptively assign training content to your employees based on the individual's interests, career path, and/or their state or country's mandates. 

This feature spans training portfolios, allowing customers to set up dynamic content to meet their ideal use cases. Two new templates are available in support of workplace harassment training. More templates are on the way. 

How This Feature Impacts Your Training 

Personalized — This feature helps personalize and deliver training that's relevant to individual employees based on how they answer a pre-training assessment. It's also customizable to the organization and able to reflect the internal lexicon, roles, and more. 

Scalable — It cuts down the amount of setup an LMS admin must do to create a holistic learning journey or assignment that can adapt to business needs, compliance requirements, a changing workforce, and more. 

Efficient — Dynamic Content reduces the need for separate courses, assignments or journeys, saving admins time while still meeting demands for delivering highly relevant training material. 

Versatile — As mentioned, this feature spans portfolios. Admins can develop an assignment with virtually any combination of courses, books, videos, or other training resources. 

How This Is Different From Today 

For U.S.-based employers operating nationally, they require employees to complete workplace harassment training annually. For an admin, that means creating at least 14 separate assignments to satisfy individual state mandates and role-based training. 

Before, it looked like this: 

  • Baseline national compliance training 
  • State-specific compliance training (Ex., specific to California, New York, etc.) 
  • Role-based compliance training (Ex., people managers vs. individual contributors) 

LMS admins would create each track, assign them to the appropriate employees, and then track the outcomes. But now, this work will speed up and become simpler. 

Using Skillsoft's Workplace Harassment Prevention template — one of two available now, with more on the way — LMS admins will create dynamic content that essentially automates the delivery. Instead of creating 10 assignments, it's one. As the admin, you would assign it to the organization for completion. 

This is where it becomes dynamic. 

Before taking the training, employees must take a short questionnaire to determine which training is needed. 

For example:  

Question: Select your preferred language in which to take your training. 

  • Employee answers: English 

Question: In your role, do you supervise others? 

  • Employee answers: Yes 

In which locations do you work and/or supervise employees? Select all that apply. 

  • Employee answers: California and Maine

The Training They Take: Workplace Harassment Training for California and Maine that's meant for people managers. The content is delivered in English.  

Then, as you track employees' progress, you're not chasing down a dozen disparate assignments. Since only one assignment is created and assigned, it's only one that must be monitored. 

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Deliver Personalized Training in Less Time

Features like this reflect what we often hear from customers. They need a platform with features that make work simpler, faster, and easier so they can support their organization's mission and the employees driving it forward. 

Dynamic content helps cut down the amount of time admins must devote to collating training resources into meaningful, personalized paths to satisfy the business's goals — whether it's compliance, leadership development, or closing technical skill gaps. 

As admins, you can use this how it'll work best for their organizations, adjusting the questions, mapping, and everything in between.  

The control is yours. 

But know this: You're also not alone. 

Skillsoft's customer success and professional services teams can help you get the most from the platform by teaching about this feature, building dynamic content, and augmenting your team.

To learn more about this feature and what's on the horizon at Skillsoft, reach out to your customer success manager (if an existing customer) or request a demo to see Percipio in action.