Empowering Leaders on Their Road to Refinement

July 9, 2020 | New Workplace Leadership | 4 min read

Let’s face it. Becoming a competent and inspirational leader is challenging, and it takes hard work, knowledge, and some grit. Recent research studies point to data that shows new leaders are failing at high rates. And there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that suggests employees will leave a job simply due to their dislike of a manager or the culture that leaders have created. It doesn’t have to be that way.

With leaders in such pivotal roles for an organization, how can you build confidence and support learning in key transition moments? Hello, curated learning path.

What is a Curated Learning Path?

When you are learning something new or moving into a new position, it can be difficult to know where to start or what skills you really need to master. With a curated learning path, you follow a series of recommended courses or content for your specific role in an organization or on a particular topic. It’s designed to lead you to mastery by stepping you through the concepts in a logical progression—and chart your progress as you expand your knowledge.

Curated learning paths can be customized to the unique competencies that align with an organization’s culture, mission, customer needs, or strategic goals. A well-planned curated learning path vetted by industry experts will contain multi-modal learning opportunities to engage the learner and avoid the simple memorization of facts. The curated learning path enables the learner to explore the content from multiple sources giving way to a more holistic view of the topic. The types of content in the curated learning path can vary but might include scenario-based courses, videos, assessments, books, industry articles, live events, and more.

The Right Content at the Right Time

Moving from an individual contributor to a frontline manager role is so much more than a title change. When you are a first-time manager, you are full of questions and a bit nervous about the impact you are going to have on your new team. It means adopting a leadership mindset, developing new skills and competencies, and understanding the new relationships across the organizational chart—both above and below you. New leaders will need to work on self-awareness, how to develop their people, and being accountable for team performance with a whole new set of goals.

For the transition to a mid-level manager, you will be challenged to think more strategically and be charged with developing innovative strategies that will propel your organization forward. This level of leadership requires vision, confidence, and the ability to influence others.

As a senior leader, the stakes are high with employees, investors, and potentially even the public looking to you for leadership. Your approach as a mid-level manager might not work as a senior leader. You will need to acquire a different way of leading as you are now required to shape the organizational culture, lead through changes or downright disruption, and be a coach to first-time and mid-level managers. The senior leader has a profound impact on revenue and must be a strategic thinker—analyzing opportunities and problems from a broad perspective and applying experience and insights to achieve a competitive advantage.

At various transition points on your leadership roadway, you will benefit from learning content that is mapped to your specific level in the organization. Being able to go at your own pace to learn, discover, and expand your leadership capabilities with the right educational content for your job is critical to your success—and the future of your organization.

Trust vetted and reputable content

There has been an explosion of content in recent years, making it difficult to evaluate what content is worthwhile and can deliver the outcomes you need. With limited free time and an abundance of educational materials in so many different forms, learning and development administrators are overwhelmed. They don’t want to waste time creating their own learning paths. Many organizations have turned to eLearning experts who’ve researched exactly how learners consume content and what their learning preferences are. An expertly-curated learning path gives leaders the confidence to do their jobs well and progress at their own pace—all while alleviating the burden on administrators.

Explore a new resource for today’s leaders

Skillsoft’s Aspire Journey for Leadership Development is now available in three self-paced options that build upon each other: first-time manager, mid-level leader, and senior leader. It offers a comprehensive curated learning path that empowers and cultivates leaders at all levels of the organization by ensuring consistency and high performance. Each learning path is packed with a variety of multi-modal content, including MIT Sloan Management Review articles.

Take a look at the Aspire Journey for Leadership Development in your Percipio learning experience platform. Don’t have a Percipio account yet? Start your free access today.

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