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Top 3 Trends and Predictions in Cloud

January 11, 2021 | by Mike Hendrickson and Jeff Prosise

2020 Cloud Skills Trends

Given the rapid pace of technology change, staying ahead of cloud trends is hard for any tech leader, particularly in tech areas your organization has not yet deployed. The Lean into Tech: Skillsoft Signals Report captures the learning needs of 5 million users across a diverse array of company sizes, geographies, and industries. Here we'll examine 2020 cloud learning trends and directional signals in the area of Cloud to guide you and your team as you prepare for the new year.

Cloud technology reduces dependency on the physical infrastructure layer for programming decisions. Applications (apps) can be built in any language with any toolkit. Pay-as-you-go usage-based payment models make Cloud systems highly efficient, scalable, and cost-effective compared with on-premises alternatives.

Cloud is adjacent to security and data technologies. Industry analysts estimate Cloud growth to be 30% in 2021. Driving this growth are new native Cloud apps and the migration or modernization of legacy apps to capture Cloud advantages. Cloud is becoming fundamental to competitiveness elasticity.



Cloud technology drives the democratization of computing resources. Every organization can derive the same efficiency and scalability benefits of Cloud. Public Cloud surpasses other models as the trusted alternative for securing data inside the firewall. Public Cloud security is unrivaled.



Cloud boundaries are being stretched by data scientists advancing neural networks, but the most significant ROI comes from application modernization. Software developers are driving value for their organizations by not just lifting and shifting apps to the Cloud but reimagining them. CloudOps is emerging and taking advantage of the best practices of DevOps.



AI and ML are building-block technologies that inspire innovation for the Cloud. AI tools support data-wrangling, backed by limitless Cloud compute power. New insights from ML systems inform decisions with data and evidence. Both AI and ML are game-changing and differentiate Cloud.

2021 Predictions

“If we ever cure cancer, it will be because of breakthroughs driven by AI and ML in the Cloud.” -Jeff Prosise, Co-founder and CTO

Skillsoft partner, Wintellect predicts:

  1. Continued consolidation around Public Cloud providers: Microsoft, Amazon and Google
  2. Value creation and ROI will be the drivers of Cloud investments
  3. Tech organizations will expand Cloud adoption because the cost savings are huge. Retraining and reshaping job roles critical to success.

Jeff Prosise, Co-founder and CTO

Cloud adoption is essential for sustainability and no longer an option.

Skillsoft Recommendation: Upskill teams with investment in Cloud infrastructure and application modernization skills

To capture the technology trends and avoid the risks from missing out, build these skills:

  1. Cloud infrastructure: standing up databases, networks, and virtual machines.
  2. Native Cloud app development and modernization of legacy systems for the Cloud.
  3. Public Cloud platform-specific knowledge.

Potential Risks of Inaction:

  • On-premises computing is more vulnerable to cybersecurity threats and data exposures.
  • Apps not on the Cloud are less elastic and more costly to scale.
  • Inefficiencies waste resources.
  • Skills gaps will grow, as eventually, all apps are likely to be Cloud-based.
  • Competitive disadvantages in customer care.

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