Top 3 Trends and Predictions in Security

January 14, 2021 | Reskill Your Workforce | 2 min read

2020 Security Trends

Given the rapid pace of technological change, staying ahead of security trends is hard for any tech leader, particularly in tech areas your organization has not yet deployed. The  Lean into Tech: Skillsoft Signals Report  captures the learning needs of 5 million users across a diverse array of company sizes, geographies, and industries. Here we'll examine 2020 security learning trends and directional signals in the area of security to guide you and your team as you prepare for the new year.

Security technology includes the skills, methods, and techniques to mitigate threats and defend enterprise infrastructure against attacks. Everyone associated with computing is a target. Attackers just need to exploit one vulnerability while organizations need to defend against all of them. This isn’t a fair fight.

Privacy, intellectual property, public safety, and the core of our social fabric are all at risk. Cybersecurity relies on people as much as it does technology. Cybersecurity is a cross-organizational responsibility. Security is adjacent to all technologies and core to all job roles.



Public Cloud infrastructures are secure yet highly vulnerable at the same time. Organizations are failing to configure security protections and protocols to protect login credentials, encrypt sensitive data, and secure rapid releases of new apps or updates that can take place daily or hourly.

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Persistent threats are becoming more sophisticated as new larger threats loom. The C-suite is victim to phishing attacks. Deep-fake emails seem too realistic to deny. Smart devices at the edge of networks expose personal data and compromise privacy.



Commodity malware has a marketplace where blockchain technology obscures transactions. City governments and schools held hostage by ransomware cannot afford payoffs. Ransomware turns deadly as hospitals cannot meet the critical healthcare needs of patients.

Ed Adams, CEO, Security Innovation

2021 Predictions

“Apply what we learned about COVID-19 protection to security: trust cautiously, sanitize frequently, share carefully and cover exposures.” -Ed Adams, CEO Security Innovation

Skillsoft's partner Security Innovation predicts:

  1. Organizations will encourage ‘Cyber Champions’ who support basic security principles.
  2. A return to ‘threat-modeling’ to identify risks and exposures to security
  3. Hands-on practical experiences will reinforce learning and improve security literacy.

Cybersecurity intrusions are more frequent and the perils more harmful.

Skillsoft Recommendation: Double down by investing strongly in security skills.

To capture the technology trends and avoid the risks from missing out, build these skills:

  1. DevOps and CloudOps Security features, methods, and techniques
  2. Basic understand of security principles
  3. Hands-on practical experiences that challenge and test newly acquired knowledge

Risks of inaction:

  • Increased risk of intrusion.
  • Loss of productivity.
  • Customer dissatisfaction from compromised data.
  • Loss of brand equity.
  • Cross-organizational skills gap that is difficult to reverse.
  • Lost resources.
  • Emboldened intruders.

Does your organization have the skilled resources to capture this directional signal? Download the complete Signals Report.