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Guiding Your Organization Through Turbulent Times

October 27, 2020 | by Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek

In recent months, three seismic shifts have convened to disrupt business as usual: a global pandemic, a widespread call for social justice, and tremendous economic uncertainty. It's no surprise that employees around the globe are looking for stability, support, and reassurance. And that puts HR leaders on the frontline.

HR leaders, in turn, need new ways to ignite change and create long-term momentum as they build the agile, adaptable, and resilient workforce of the future. This moment in our collective history has forced HR leaders to develop new competencies and pivot quickly — under great stress — to become caregivers in a whole new way. For the past six months, companies around the world have been revisiting, rethinking, and reimagining what business looks like in the face of a prolonged time of crisis — and many are evaluating how to handle a remote workforce indefinitely.

This report highlights some key takeaways for HR Leaders from these past months, including some successful case studies and learning resources, that can help you not just face the unique challenges of today and survive — but thrive. Read the report to learn more.

Lean into Learning: India

Today, we're taking a closer look at how India leans into learning and how employers are helping their people build the skills and competencies required to meet the future with confidence.

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Lean into Learning: China, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, and The Philippines

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Lean into Learning: Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand

In Skillsoft's 2020 annual learning report, Lean Into Learning, we discovered that learning played a central role as people reacted to the pandemic, an uncertain economy, and worldwide social reform in real-time.

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