Introducing the Collaborative Leader from the Skillsoft Leadership Development Program

March 30, 2020 | Activate Learning, New Workplace Leadership, What's Hot | 3 min read

In today's business world, the collaboration between teams, and across functional areas, is essential. Working together to set and achieve common organizational goals is key to success. To encourage that level of cooperation, business professionals need to learn to lead collaboratively. To help leaders embrace and promote collaboration, we are pleased to introduce a new, innovative leadership channel called The Collaborative Leader, as part of our award-winning Skillsoft Leadership Development Program (SLDP) powered by MIT Sloan Management Review.

Experience a sample from the new course:

Collaborative Leader Building a Collaborative Team

With this new Collaborative Leader curriculum, leaders will learn about the benefits of collaborative leadership, and the characteristics that define a collaborative leader. They’ll find out how to build a collaborative team, how to deal with common challenges to implementing a collaborative team approach, and how to employ best practice strategies for collaborating with stakeholders beyond the team. In addition to the new video-based course, the channel also features related multi-modal assets to further learning, including books, book summaries and more.

To illustrate the importance of collaborative leadership, read this excerpt from our own Heide Abelli’s white paper titled, The Hero Leader Has Exited the Stage: 6 Truths of Leadership Development in the Digital Age:

"The new goal of leadership is to connect and collaborate, not command and control. The modern leader must reject the notion of absolute authority and promote the kind of collaborative team efforts needed to tackle complex problems. They must embrace the fluid networks of relationships that have replaced structured corporate pyramids. While the leader of yesterday dictated, the modern leader influences and motivates. The Hero Leader directed; the digital leader coaches. Today nearly every organization is 'digital'—at least to some degree. As demonstrated by the emergence of functions such as DevOps and Customer Success—which combines elements of Marketing, Sales and Customer Service—cross-functionality is increasingly built into the fabric of today’s organization. Digital leadership, then, is about encouraging this cross-functional collaboration, generating diverse ideas and solutions and facilitating a fusion of functions."

The SLDP solution is designed to deliver leadership training focused on essential modern competencies, informed by a scientific understanding of how adults learn best for improved performance. Scenario-based videos in the program feature a unique learning design and innovative pedagogy which helps learners internalize the critical human-interaction elements of leadership through the use of compelling drama and pragmatic storytelling. The program’s flagship courses cover over 30 of today’s most critical leadership competencies, including Building and Leading Teams, Leading Through the Challenge of Change, Leading with Agility, and now, Collaboration.

Successful leadership in today’s business world requires collaboration between and across teams. Leverage the new The Collaborative Leader channel within the Skillsoft Leadership Development Program (SLDP) powered by MIT Sloan Management Review, to master collaboration skills for success. Request a demo today!

Nancy Santacesaria is a Project & Program Manager, Leadership, Business Skills, and Digital Transformation Content Solutions at Skillsoft.