Open systems lead to better learning outcomes

September 27, 2021 | Activate Learning | 4 min read

An organizational commitment to learning is essential in modern workplaces, but a commitment is not sufficient. To turn a vision into reality, an open platform becomes the foundation of learning. An open platform ensures access to the right content wherever work and skills development are needed, and across all the formats learners might engage.

Enable the three forms of learning: Micro, Macro, and Deep

The best outcomes occur when different types of learning are supported.

Micro learning happens when an employee is looking for a short video or a short book summary to complete a job at hand. Macro learning is prioritized when a learner is trying to learn a specific skill and is able to invest roughly an hour of time to learn the new skill. Typically, in this case the learner would complete a course with several videos. Deep learning is required when a learner is trying to make a career transition and engages on a week or even month-long learning experience.

Organizations that make it easy to find and use all three types of learning see the most sustained learning gains. I see this type of learning diversity in my own team.

For example, one of the people managing cloud operations might need to quickly look into AWS service settings for an update they are doing. A quick video in Percipio does the trick. In another instance, a group of Java programmers need to learn the basics of nodeJS. There was a course for that. And of course, we’re all about sustained skills development at Skillsoft and we encourage our team to evolve their careers. As a result, many on my team have prepared for new certifications in AWS, Microsoft Cloud and other technology advances.

How open content helps across learning types

Micro learning

Did you know Percipio’s search conversion rates are in the high seventies? Being open improves Micro learning. Along with Skillsoft’s own content, Percipio curates a plethora of content from articles to YouTube videos, and more. Customers can even surface a short learning asset that belongs to the customer itself (e.g. video from a CEO) to be curated right within the platform. All of these enhance the likelihood that a learner will find what she is looking for with one click.

Macro learning

Along with thousands of Skillsoft courses, Percipio makes it possible to surface specialty courses from another provider right in the platform. Course completion rates in Percipio are above seventy percent.

Deep learning

Whether it’s deep learning related to certifications, or a career transition, Skillsoft offers support. Aspire Journeys make it easy for learners to make significant new skill acquisition with ease. Learners devote several days of learning to gain competency in a particular desired role. For example, someone might want to move from being a data analyst to a data scientist. Percipio’s open architecture enriches these learning journeys with books from external publishers or immersive labs experience from a third party labs provider.

Learning in the flow of your day

If access to learning is seamless then learning outcomes improve dramatically. This includes making learning readily accessible from common work tools like the browser, or collaboration apps like MS Teams or Slack, or even using email such as Outlook. And of course – all of this must be delivered in a mobile-friendly way. Learning happens on laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets and even Apple TVs. You need an open and flexible system that operates across devices, but presents an intuitive user experience. Percipio with its open architecture is able to offer learning across all these form factors and all the convenient points of access.

While this seems a common-sense approach to fostering a culture of learning, building an open platform that seamlessly operated across so many form factors is challenging. Percipio’s open architecture is able to abstract presentation from the content itself and offers a variety of APIs which makes it easy to integrate with devices and common enterprise end-user applications. Percipio even adapts to varying network conditions with support for adaptive bit-rate streaming media using open multimedia formats.

Blending with the enterprise

Aside from learning content, your enterprise makes many other investments. It is important for a learning system to seamlessly work with a multitude of these entities. More than 50% of Skillsoft clients experience Skillsoft content though an LMS they have invested in. That’s why we’ve made sure Percipio integrates seamlessly with world’s premier LMS systems preserving learner experiences and providing find grain tracking using open standards like xAPI. Percipio also supports seamless single sign on with enterprise systems using open SAML technology. And Percipio’s open API’s allow quick and easy integration with enterprise portals like Sharepoint, or enterprise data warehouses. Percipio’s data APIs even allow integration with analytics systems like Tableau.

In addition to system integration, your organization has likely created enterprise-specific learning content, we call custom content. Any Percipio customer can store, deliver, and manage its custom content on the Percipio platform. Enterprises often have instructor-led programs for specific topics—Percipio helps manage and administer instructor-led programs, inclusive of API integrations with virtual meeting platforms. Percipio’s advanced Open APIs make all these integrations possible.

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