Percipio Learning Platform is Here

June 7, 2017 | Activate Learning, Reskill Your Workforce | 3 min read

Percipio Learning Platform is Here

After months and months of hard work, late nights, and not just a few heated discussions, I am excited and delighted to announce that Percipio, our new learning experience platform, is here.

First, a little background.

Change is inevitable. It was apparent a year ago that users were expecting – actually demanding – simplicity, ease of content discovery, and an aesthetic that was different from corporate learning environments, but more like Facebook or Spotify. We wanted to meet these demands, which is why we developed Percipio. In fact, I believe when people begin to use it, they will quickly realize we have in fact, far exceeded their highest expectations and that Percipio provides a truly engaging learning experience.

We took the name from the Latin word for acquiring knowledge and I can say with total confidence, that is exactly what will happen.


Let me embrace my “inner engineer” and break down the functionality and the value that Percipio brings to learners and managers. First, let’s take a look at the learner:

  1. Curated channels: Learners can access more than 50,000 pieces of content, which have been organized into 450 curated channels or learning paths, making it easy for users to follow a clear and progressive learning process.
  2. Personalized homepage: Each user will have their own personalized homepage, giving them the ability to create playlists, pick up where they left off, and receive assignments. Plus, for new users, it generates recommendations based on the individual’s interests.
  3. Micro-learning videos: There is a myriad of short (3-5 minute) learning videos providing targeted and focused learning for specific tasks.
  4. Enhanced search: It makes discovery easy and efficient by using the same elastic search capabilities that Facebook, Netflix, and eBay employ.
  5. Mobile friendly: It is mobile-friendly, available 24/7, and caters to a wide selection of learning styles – enabling learners to watch (videos), read (books, book summaries, transcripts), and listen (audio recordings.)

For the manager:

  1. Visually-based analytics: Dashboards, charts, and graphs track learning activity and assignments completed, making it easy to spot trends and monitor progress.
  2. Impact reporting: Reports that link learning to specific business objectives, tie learning activity to business goals, and show the impact delivered to the business.
  3. Curated learning paths: As mentioned above, we now have 450 learning paths that have been pre-curated by experts and are continuously updated based on usage. This will save managers the hassle of having to assign content on their own.
  4. Assignments: Managers can create assignments that are essentially flexible, ad hoc learning paths and quickly assign them to an audience of users and monitor progress. With this, managers get best of both worlds.

I could go on, but I think these features clearly demonstrate how Percipio will translate to a knowledgeable and skilled workforce.

Percipio is built using a modern, micro-services architecture using the world’s leading technologies like Elastic Search, Postgres database, and Ruby on Rails. It is fast, snappy, and deployed for quick access worldwide.

With its powerful technology, clean design, and rich content we expect Percipio to delight users.

Apratim Purakayastha is the Chief Technology Officer for Skillsoft.