Rewriting the Unwritten Rules of the Workplace

August 9, 2022 | New Workplace Leadership | 2 min read

When you start a new job, you likely go through an official onboarding program, which is incredibly useful in helping you understand the organization, its structure, vision, goals, and the role you play in driving success. Chances are, you’ll also learn about the organization’s official policies and procedures through training.

But, what about the unofficial rules?

We’ve all encountered unwritten rules, although it sometimes takes a while to pick up on them. They can be subtle or obvious, positive, or negative. Regardless, they are powerful — and can mean the difference between thriving or simply surviving.

Interestingly, until now, many unwritten rules have revolved around office space: how and when you show up, whether doors are open or closed (literally and metaphorically), what you wear, whether you’re free to socialize with peers. But, many organizations around the globe have embraced distributed or hybrid workforces, and the old rules — written or un- — may not apply.

Jaz Ampar-Farr, a human-first leadership strategist, keynote, and author, was a featured guest at a recent Skillsoft event. During her talk, Jaz introduced the concept of the “unwritten rules of the workplace in the pandemic era.” Again, those unspoken, but important aspects of a company’s culture that help employees – particularly newer ones – better understand and learn more about an organization’s work environment. The vibe. And the ways that it's changed as a result of the pandemic.

The topic sparked such a great discussion with the audience that rather than leave them "unwritten," we've put together a handbook so they can be explored, acknowledged, and shared.

Rewriting the Unwritten Rules of the Workplace was developed in conjunction with HR Leaders who felt it was even more critical now that we live in such a digital-first world.

You can find the handbook here

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And if you are as big a fan of Jaz as I am, you can listen to this episode of The Edge, in which she introduces the concept of The Human Revolution, a societal transformation focused on being human-first in business.

The future of work continues to thrive off a digital-first world and hybrid environments that encompass unwritten rules, creating even more of a need to develop and upskill teams in the modern workplace. To learn how you can get started building leaders for the modern workforce, visit Skillsoft’s Leadership & Business landing page.