Skillsoft Certitude: Capturing the Pulse of Your Organization

October 18, 2019 | Reskill Your Workforce | 2 min read
Skillsoft Certitude: Capturing the Pulse of Your Organization

Between corporate policies, employee manuals, standard operating procedures and more, employees face a constant barrage of documents and materials designed to inform and set company expectations. While this onslaught of materials poses a challenge to the employee, for organizations, it presents a serious dilemma. In many cases, not only must the company document the distribution of said materials, but it must also secure the recipient’s electronic signature as verification of receipt. In larger enterprises, this task is monumental, and both labor and time intensive.

How Skillsoft Certitude works to alleviate the demands of distributing and tracking company documents

Skillsoft Certitude goes beyond the traditional management tool. Certitude gives organizations the ability to take their documents and presentations, combine them with an assessment, and deliver them as eLearning in a matter of minutes. However, Certitude’s uses do not stop there. Combined with compliance-based record-keeping, Certitude provides customers the flexibility to support multiple business objectives.

Certitude features: Policy document management, employee attestation, custom content creation tool, evaluation tool, reporting

Here’s how Certitude benefits your organization:

Seamlessly conduct internal studies

Imagine deploying a survey to your employees to get their direct input on a compliance, safety, or almost any business initiative. The questions, whether large — how to improve safety measures across all manufacturing plants — or small — what kind of coffee we should have in the breakroom — can help an organization make critical business decisions. It also involves employees in the process, providing them with a feeling of ownership in the organization’s direction.

Streamline the process for collecting data from employees

Questionnaires are a great way to gather information from employees. With Certitude, you can develop surveys to satisfy your every need. Plus, we’ve made it so that you can customize the questionnaires. Let your creative juices flow and add images, for example. Or design it such a way that you enable participants to give their feedback — all of which is available in multiple formats, including multi-option or text. If desired, you can designate that certain responses go to approved individuals. Whether collecting employee conflict of interest disclosure or feedback from a workstation ergonomic evaluation, the possible use cases are endless.

Accelerate assessments

Testing employee knowledge is one way to check for understanding of materials distributed or any training received. With Certitude, organizations can create custom exams that include scoring capabilities. A designated training administrator then records and reports these exam results. This record enables organizations to track adherence to their compliance requirements and minimize risk.

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Norm Ford is VP of Operations for Compliance Solutions at Skillsoft.