Skillsoft + Convercent: Expanding Compliance Training to Drive Business Outcomes

May 15, 2019 | Reskill Your Workforce | 3 min read

Over the last two years, ethics in the workplace has taken on a new meaning. We have seen the growth of three approaches: top-down, brand-driven and employee activism. For each approach the following examples springs to mind Starbucks’ CEO Kevin Johnson taking action after the Philadelphia incident, Nike’s TV commercial narrated by Serena Williams talking about the barriers females athletes face and Google employees walking out after hearing the news about how the company dealt with sexual misconduct allegations against Andy Rubin.

Yes, all of these are big news items involving large multinationals, but what companies across the board are seeing is an upsurge in demand and consciousness of ethical behavior and practice in the workplace. This greater awareness is leading to a corresponding rise in the need for training around the issue of ethics and how employees can report perceived abuses safely and securely and without fear of retaliation.

How Skillsoft is helping companies deliver ethics training where employees need it

As we announced recently, Convercent, the leading provider of ethics and compliance software, is now partnering with Skillsoft to give our customers the resources they need to enhance their compliance programs, uncover areas of misconduct and encourage ethical decision making amongst their employees to promote a safe and compliant work environment.

What does Convercent bring to Skillsoft’s Compliance Solution?

We are always looking for ways to enhance our solution and provide additional value to our customers, and what better way to do that than to join forces with an organization working hard and succeeding to drive ethics to the center of business. Consider the following:

  • Convercent customers close cases of incidents almost 50% faster than the industry average; and
  • Companies that use Convercent have a 57% higher incident reporting rate than industry benchmarks.

Skillsoft customers will now be able to leverage Convercent's leading intake channels across their Hotline and Case Management offerings while still also having access to our full portfolio of award-winning compliance training content. Convercent’s case management tool gives organizations a way to analyze data, which in turn leads to deeper insights and a means to identify systemic issues, ineffective initiatives, bad actors and emerging risks. All of which gives one's compliance and safety teams the critical information they need to take action and, where necessary, provide the appropriate training.

Here are some of the benefits of the case manager tool:

  • Message boards for communicating anonymously with reporting parties
  • Real-time visibility into operational metrics to drive investigator performance
  • All tasks and attachments are in one location

In addition, Convercent’s hotline services provide a secure, flexible and confidential incident reporting process giving employees the ability to freely voice any concerns and report critical risk issues that could put an organization and their employees at risk without fear of consequence. Incorporating helpline and case management services provides organizations with not only the ability to manage incidents but also a way to help prevent them.

Original source: Convercent

Here is what the hotline offers:

  • 24/7 access to the most flexible set of intake channels available:
    • phone
    • web
    • open-door
    • anonymous mobile texting
  • Simple end-user experience removes barriers to allow reporters to tell their story, not fill out forms
  • Anonymous communication between reports and investigators

With both Convercent’s hotline services and Skillsoft’s compliance training solution, companies can enhance their compliance initiatives while continuing to reinforce their workplace culture and values.

John Arendes is the VP and GM of Compliance Solutions at Skillsoft.