Skillsoft May Have Just Cracked the Nut on Learning Transformation…

June 7, 2017 | Activate Learning, Reskill Your Workforce | 2 min read

The digital transformation in learning is in full swing and the learning landscape within organizations is evolving rapidly. Driven by the growing complexity of developing and delivering learning, organizations are turning to solution providers to help them keep pace. Solution providers have responded with a flurry of new functionality and capabilities. How are learning technology providers doing in meeting the needs of the market? The jury is still out.

First and foremost, the large technology gap that stands in front of the market is how to create a “true and pure” learner experience platform that supports personalized and continuous learning, which is engaging and easily accessible to the learner. This is a tall order and the best minds in software development are hard at work trying to come up with a solution – enter Skillsoft.

Skillsoft is a household name for many of us, a blue chip in the world of learning and development. You would expect a company like Skillsoft to go to work and come up with the big idea – enter Percipio.

Percipio is a new solution focused on creating an engaging, modern digital experience for the learner. By curating content in an innovative way, Percipio creates unique learning paths for each learner. This improves the usability of content for the learner by making it more relevant and accessible. Percipio provides the learner with the power of choice in how they consume content by leveraging three core principles: Watch, Read, and Listen. Percipio also gives the administrator more control by providing the ability to visually track learner progress and directly connect the completion of learning objectives to business objectives.

The synergy between Skillsoft and Percipio with SumTotal provides organizations with the opportunity to drive breakthrough results with their learning and development efforts. Skillsoft has once again shown its prowess in addressing the present and future needs of learning for organizations by bringing Percipio to the market.

Percipio very well may be the “true and pure” learner experience platform that transcends the market.

Michael Rochelle is the Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst for the Brandon Hall Group.