The Day That Shifted My Perspective: Monday, March 2, 2020

August 16, 2021 | Activate Learning | 2 min read

On this day, I was visiting our partner C Space in their Boston office to accelerate planning for Skillsoft’s largest and most important customer event, Perspectives. We started discussing ways we could drive registration when I asked the question we were all thinking … would people come? Coronavirus wouldn't be declared a global pandemic for nine more days, but it was clear by March 2, 2020 that something was going to materially change … and well, everything did. For us, it changed the way we thought about our annual Perspectives event – and that change was transformational.   

Over the next ten weeks, our entire team worked — sometimes day and night — to reinvent Perspectives from top to bottom. It became a free, 24-hour global digital experience featuring more than 100 speakers across keynotes, case studies, head-to-head debates, and more. There were product demos and regional business continuity panels, and there was music and yoga breaks. Our attendees had ample opportunities to ask questions and participate in a rich and dynamic conversation that became much more than teaching people new skills; it was about our collective well-being.   

We learned so much. And we’ll be applying all of that knowledge in just six weeks as we prepare for  Perspectives Unleashed. This year, our event is a free, two-day digital experience that will tackle the topics of corporate learning and skills transformation as we move into the “next now,” post-pandemic. Much like last year, we will feature world-class keynotes, energetic lightning talks, thought-provoking customer panels, and new masterclasses run by pre-eminent thought leaders.  

So what can you expect? Why should you come?

The name says it all. Perspectives Unleashed is designed to provide learners and leaders alike with the tools needed to build and sustain a culture of learning right now, and to transform today’s workforce for tomorrow’s economy. Here is a taste of some of the topics we'll cover:

  • Who owns the skilling agenda? Is it private enterprise, higher ed, government or some new combination?
  • A Culture of Learning: how to build it and why it's so important today and going forward.
  • If the future of work is now, what now is the future?

To bring these themes to life, we have built an action-packed agenda — featuring word-class inspirational speakers like Shaquille O'Neal, Dorie Clark, Elizabeth Nyamayaro, Josh Bersin, and Robin Arzón. And this is just the beginning! Over the next few weeks, we'll introduce new and unexpected speakers, highlight those won't-want-to-miss sessions, and showcase networking opportunities.   

Yes, this will be an amazing event, but don't just take my word for it — see it for yourself. I encourage you to  visit the Perspectives website and start building your agenda today.  

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