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Top 3 Trends and Predictions in Data

January 18, 2021 | by Mike Hendrickson and Merav Yuravlivker

2020 Data Trends

Given the rapid pace of technology change, staying ahead of tech trends is hard for any tech leader, particularly in tech areas your organization has not yet deployed. The Lean into Tech: Skillsoft Signals Report captures the learning needs of 5 million users across a diverse array of company sizes, geographies, and industries. Here we'll examine 2020 tech learning trends and directional signals in the area of Data to guide you and your team as you prepare for the new year.

Data technology spans the infrastructure and services required to collect, store, secure, and access data in all forms. This technology is adjacent to Cloud and security technologies because of the need to mine data remotely and mitigate risks of intrusions that may compromise data integrity.

Data technology supports analytics to manipulate data to gather insights and investigations of full data sets for their predictive capabilities. Decision-making job roles include Data Scientists and technology leadership roles (director and above).



Organizations are committing to expand data literacy to build citizen data scientists as a means of survival. Decisions are increasingly data-driven. Professionals require the confidence to know they are asking the right questions to achieve business objectives. Understanding data is a foundational skill.



Data literacy is programming- and tools-agnostic. Data-wrangling - a common term for mining, manipulating, and analyzing data - can be performed outside of data science job roles with easy-to-learn and master toolkits. Data savvy organizations give professionals the freedom to explore data.



The volume of unstructured data (text, video, voice, or social media) is exploding. Organizations are seeking sales and marketing insights to respond to competitive threats. Communication skills are essential to telling a transformational story with conviction to drive cross-organization change.

2021 Predictions

Data literacy across non-technical job roles is required to build a sustainable business.”- Merav Yuravlivker, CEO and co-founder, Data Society

Skillsoft partner Data Society predicts:

  1. Organizations will intensify investments to secure data storage and remote access.
  2. Ownership rights to personal data will make headlines, but not meaningful regulation.
  3. Social responsibility for reducing bias in data gaining momentum

Merav Yuravlivker, CEO and co-founder, Data Society

Increase data literacy in all job roles like your survival depends on it

Skillsoft Recommendation: Double down by investing strongly in data skills

To capture the technology trends and avoid the risks from missing out, build these data skills on your teams:

  1. Data wrangling with Python programming
  2. Data analytics
  3. Data security fundamentals

Potential Risks of Inaction:

  • Inadequate skills to recognize market shifts or growth opportunities.
  • Increased exposure to competitive threats.
  • Decision-making that is impulsive and not data-driven, leading to unforced errors.
  • Decrease in brand equity from failing to recognize data expertise is a critical success factor.

Does your organization have the skilled resources to capture this directional signal? Download the complete Signals Report.

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