10 Steps to Successful Social Networking for Business

  • 1h 53m
  • Darin Hartley
  • Association for Talent Development
  • 2010

Social networking as a business tool is evolving, and questions still remain about how to use it effectively and securely. 10 Steps to Successful Social Networking answers those questions, covering technology, sales and brand value, how to connect social networking to key business drivers, launch plan development, success-building, how to connect your business to the world and grow market share, and how to adapt the system to business needs.

About the Author

Darin Hartley is a learning professional and author with a strong interest in social networking systems for business and learning and lives in Poulsbo, Washington.

In this Book

  • 10 Steps to Successful Social Networking for Business
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Understand the Technology and Identify Business Benefits
  • Identify Sales, Brand, and Organizational Value
  • Choose the Right Technology
  • Tie Social Networking to Key Business Drivers
  • Get the Organization Engaged and Connected
  • Launch the Social Networking Initiative
  • Build Success One Day at a Time
  • Make It Personal— Get Customers to Love Your Business
  • Connect Your Business to the World
  • Keep Up with New Technologies and Thrive
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix—Selling Custom-Built Social Networking to Management
  • References