100 Great Leading Well Ideas

  • 2h 52m
  • Peter Shaw
  • Marshall Cavendish
  • 2017

100 Great Ideas series, readers will find a comprehensive guide for a leader or a developing leader to make a step change in their effectiveness. The book addresses the question 'What is the step change I need to make to be leading well at the next level?'.

Author Dr Peter Shaw, who has written several other titles in this series, distils 100 learning points from his vast experience of over 40 years in business and government, and conveys them in a highly personable, easy-to-read style.

This book is divided into 10 sections: Why, What, Who, How, When, Which, Were, Be, Become and Know. These ideas will equip anyone who leads a team with the necessary knowledge to guide, manage, motivate and counsel staff under their charge. In the Who section, for example, learning points include cultivating your champions, drawing on coaches who understand you, recognising your allies, building peer support and finding a mentor.

The author has included inspiring case-studies drawn from successful leaders and how they have managed to build a team of confident and competent staff that functions as a cohesive and successful unit. 100 Great Leading Well Ideas is an invaluable companion for anyone who manages a team of staff.

About the Author

Dr Peter Shaw is a founding partner of Praesta Partners and works with individuals, teams and groups to help them grow their strengths and tackle demanding issues confidently. He has held a wide range of board posts covering finance, personnel, policy, communications and delivery, and worked in five UK Government departments. He is the author of 22 influential books on leadership, and is a Visiting Professor at Newcastle University Business School, the University of Chester Business Faculty, and St John's College, University of Durham.

In this Book

  • Understand Why You Want to Make a Difference
  • Recognise the Framework You Apply to Leading Well
  • Recognise the Strength of Your Beliefs
  • Understand What Is Success for You
  • Know How to Work Effectively with Others
  • Appreciate What Gives You Daily Fulfilment
  • Ditch Out-of-Date Reasons for Your Actions
  • Recognise When You Need to Move On from Someone Else's Beliefs
  • Recognise the Shifting Phases of Life
  • Be Honest with Yourself about Your Ambitions
  • Wake up and Dream
  • Look for the Silver Lining
  • Keep Practising and Rehearsing
  • Hold Your Nerve
  • Keep Agile
  • Be Willing to Take a Big Leap
  • Keep Extending Your Comfort Zone
  • Navigate Carefully Through Turbulent Times
  • Understand Your Accountabilities
  • Develop Your Impact
  • Cultivate Your Champions
  • Recognise Those Who Care about You
  • Share Your Journey
  • Build Your Personal Support
  • Know Who Is Committed to Your Success
  • Build up a Mentor or Three
  • Draw on a Coach Who Understands and Challenges You
  • Recognise Who Is Unlikely to Be an Ally
  • Be Ready to Forgive and Move On
  • Build Peer Support
  • Catch up with Yourself
  • Look in Control
  • Remember You Are Always Performing a Balancing Act
  • Be Clear about Your Expectations and How You Handle the Expectations of Others
  • Build Rhythms That Work for You
  • Be Deliberate in How You Handle Conflict
  • Be Adaptable in the Way You Lead
  • Learn from Other Spheres
  • Recognise the Power of the Summary
  • Trust Your Intuitive Judgement
  • Seize the Opportunity
  • Treasure Defining Moments
  • Pace Your Interventions
  • Take Time to Reflect
  • Don't Stand Still for Too Long
  • Use Short Conversations Thoughtfully
  • Respond to Emotional Reactions with Care
  • Be Willing to Take Time out to Do Nothing
  • Choose Your Moment to Respond—and Your Attitude
  • Don't Be Dominated by the Conflicting Expectations of Others
  • Recognise What Only You Can Do
  • Keep Reassessing Your Priorities
  • Be Ready to Switch Direction
  • Know What Sustains You
  • Keep Reinforcing Your Learning
  • Keep Coaching and Investing in Others
  • Build Your Succession
  • Be Willing to Take Hard Decisions
  • Invest in Building Teams
  • Recognise That You Learn More from Failures than Successes
  • Take Pride in the Success of Others
  • Be Ready to Move On
  • Be Open to a New Beginning
  • Recognise When You Are Getting Bored
  • Recognise Where Your Responsibility Lies
  • Accept That Those Closest to You Have Preferred Destinations
  • Know What Stimulates Your Imagination and Curiosity
  • Allow Yourself to Take Pleasure in Recognition
  • Create Expectations but Do Not Be Ruled by Them
  • Keep Following Your Dream
  • Self-Aware
  • Focused
  • Adaptable
  • Thoughtful
  • Decisive
  • Considerate
  • Strategic
  • Trustworthy
  • Clear-Headed
  • Generous
  • Bolder
  • More Authoritative
  • Insightful
  • Resilient
  • Corporate
  • Able to Live with Ambiguity
  • More Self-Referencing
  • Less Dependent on the Approval of Others
  • More Comfortable in Your Own Skin
  • The Best Version of Yourself
  • How You Are Changing
  • What Will Bring the Best out of You
  • Where You Might Fall Over
  • How You Might Explore Your Own Future
  • Who Are the Companions You Need to Treasure
  • What Will Give You Greatest Joy
  • What Is the New Life You Want to Create for Others
  • The Unavoidable Realities in Your Personal World
  • What Might Be the Defining Moments for You Going Forward
  • What Are the Beliefs and Attitudes That Are Fundamental to Your next Steps


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