100 Things Millionaires Do: Little Lessons in Creating Wealth

  • 2h 48m
  • Nigel Cumberland
  • Hodder & Stoughton Ltd
  • 2019

Following the success of the international bestseller, 100 THINGS SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO, Nigel Cumberland turns his attention to wealth.

100 THINGS MILLIONAIRES DO distills all the wisdom and knowledge of a lifetime of starting and selling businesses and coaching hundreds of wealthy leaders into 100 short chapters of advice on building and retaining sustainable wealth.

This is not a get rich quick book. Instead, Nigel explores the habits, tools, techniques and mentality of self-made millionaires and shows you how to begin your own journey to a wealthy future. Mixing simple instructions with activities to get you started, you will find mindsets, habits, and techniques here that will help you get the results you want.

100 THINGS MILLIONAIRES DO is packed with great ideas for creating long-term wealth and success for yourself and those you care about. You will discover the habits that are common to wealthy people and find out how to use them in your own life.

Every chapter features a new idea that will help you get closer to your goals. Mixing simple descriptions with activities and exercises, you will learn the optimal mindset and habits you need to succeed.

About the Author

Nigel Cumberland is an award-winning global coach who helps leaders and teams to optimise and enhance their success in both their careers and lives. He has coached and trained at some of the world's most prestigious organizations such as the United Nations, the World Bank Group, Standard Chartered Bank, Google, Dell, LVMH, Christian Dior, Continental AG and the Dubai Government. He is also one of the elite Marshall Goldsmith approved coaches and a member of Harvard Business Review's Advisory Council. He is also a Freeman of the City of London and has been given the award as one of the world's top 100 leadership coaches.

In this Book

  • Why do You Want to be Wealthy?
  • What does Wealth Mean to You?
  • How Wealthy do You Want to be?
  • You Deserve This
  • Have Clear Goals and a Plan
  • If it's Too Good to be True …
  • Wealth does not Ensure Happiness
  • What are You Waiting For?
  • Track Spending Against a Forecast
  • Most Millionaires Start from Nothing
  • Determination is Your Financial Superpower
  • Friends can Make or Break You
  • Stop Leaking Money
  • Save Before Spending
  • Be Ready for a Lonely Journey
  • Master the Art of Selling
  • Form Your Own View of Debt
  • Be a Remarkable Employee
  • Be Careful with Cash
  • Roll Up Your Sleeves
  • Facts are Friendly
  • Be Yourself
  • Your Reputation is Everything
  • Leverage Your Money Wisely
  • No White Flags
  • Don't Get Sentimental
  • Give and You will Receive
  • Compound Interest is Magic
  • Predictable Income gives You Peace of Mind
  • Pay off Unproductive Debts
  • Don't Gamble
  • Don't Borrow from Anyone Close
  • Take Some Risks
  • Watch out for Currency Swings
  • Keep Ownership
  • Don't Count Your Chickens
  • Build Bridges
  • Invest in Bricks and Mortar
  • Easy Come, Easy Go
  • Show Gratitude
  • Clean Up Your Past
  • Make Failure Your Best Friend
  • Create Your Own Luck
  • Keep a Close Eye on Your Balance Sheet
  • Keep Your Integrity Intact
  • If It Ain't Broke …
  • Second-Hand Cars are Wise Investments
  • Stand Tall and Smile
  • Avoid Being Locked In
  • Passive Income is Freedom
  • Be a Passionate Expert
  • Turn Your Back on the Herd
  • Excellent Advice Comes at a Price
  • There is a Time and Place
  • Short-Term Pain for Long-Term Gain
  • Be Educated not Entertained
  • Do not be Swayed by Doom and Gloom
  • Invest in Things You Enjoy
  • Work Smart
  • Are You Listening?
  • No Cheating on Your Taxes
  • Know When to Quit Your Day Job
  • Watch Out For 'Lifestyle Creep'
  • Understand Numbers
  • Build Up Your Optimism
  • Seek Value
  • Start Your Own Business
  • Embrace Technology
  • Expect Black Swan Moments
  • Employ Others to Achieve Your Dreams
  • Trust Your Instincts
  • The Past does not Predict the Future
  • Know the Trade-Offs
  • Seek the Help of Mentors
  • Timing is Everything
  • Live a Healthy Lifestyle
  • It's not the End of the World
  • Read The T&Cs
  • Put Your Eggs into Many Baskets
  • Cut Your Losses
  • Invest Sustainably
  • Never too Late to Start
  • Be Ready for Rainstorms
  • Understand it or Get out
  • Don't be a Hare
  • Explore Safe Havens Carefully
  • Re-Ignite Your Child-Like Curiosity
  • Grow Your Wealth in a VUCA World
  • Be an Expert Negotiator
  • Focus on Your EQ not IQ
  • Keep Your Paperwork in Order
  • Be Stealthy with Your Wealth
  • Do not Blame Others for Your Losses
  • Have an Annual Wealth Check
  • Pass on Your Financial Tips
  • No Need to Sprint, It's a Marathon
  • Sleep Peacefully at Night
  • Plan for the End
  • Be Ready to Live Beyond 100
  • Was It All Worth It?


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