100 Top Tips: Microsoft Excel in Easy Steps

  • 58m
  • Sean McManus
  • In Easy Steps Limited
  • 2020

100 Top Tips – Microsoft Excel will help you boost your productivity and get more value from your spreadsheets with this powerful book of tips. It showcases:

  • time-saving features (including data entry shortcuts)
  • powerful functions for processing text and numbers
  • insightful data analysis features, including pivot tables and what-if analysis.

You’ll also discover how to use graphs, debug formulas, and print everything out cleanly. Whether you’ve been using Excel for years and never gone beyond the basics, or are just entering the world of spreadsheets, this book will quickly supercharge your skills.

As you would expect from the In Easy Steps brand the book is written in an approachable style with step by step instructions provided for many of the tips, and full colour screenshots guiding you through the processes.

About the Author

Sean McManus writes inspiring books about business and technology. His books include Scratch Programming in easy steps and Web Design in easy steps and he has written for magazines including The MagPi, Raspberry Pi Geek, and Internet Magazine. Sean is also a Code Club volunteer.

In this Book

  • Entering Data with Auto Fill
  • Filling to Match the Neighboring Column
  • Using Flash Fill
  • Adjusting Column Widths and Row Heights
  • Inserting Multiple Rows or Columns
  • Managing Large Spreadsheets
  • Forcing Valid Data Entry
  • Adding a Drop-Down Menu
  • Creating Custom Validation
  • Removing Duplicates
  • Highlighting Duplicates
  • Using Advanced Paste Options
  • Expanding the Clipboard
  • Moving Data
  • Entering Formulas
  • Understanding Formula Symbols
  • Finding the Highest/Lowest Value in a Range
  • Ranking Data Items
  • Finding an Item by its Ranking Using LARGE
  • Finding Averages
  • Sorting Data
  • Using Filters
  • Using IF for Cell Contents
  • Combining IF Functions
  • Totaling Up Values with SUM
  • Choosing Values to Sum with SUMIF
  • Using Several Sum Criteria with SUMIFS
  • Using Cumulative Sums
  • Counting Cells
  • Using More Count Criteria
  • Using Wildcards
  • Grouping Data
  • Calculating Subtotals
  • Using Subtotals
  • Copying Visible Data Only
  • Naming Ranges
  • Using the Name Manager
  • Using VLOOKUP
  • Using HLOOKUP
  • Finding Data with MATCH
  • Using the INDEX Function
  • Using the CHOOSE Function
  • Rounding Data Values
  • Using Advanced Rounding Functions
  • Calculating with Dates
  • Making Dates and Breaking them Down
  • Creating Custom Date Formats
  • Using Multiple Lines of Text in Cells
  • Cleaning Your Text
  • Joining Text from Different Cells
  • Getting the Length of a Piece of Text
  • Searching in Text
  • Extracting Pieces of Text
  • Splitting First and Last Names
  • Splitting Text Across Columns
  • Replacing Text in a Cell
  • Counting the Number of Words in a Cell
  • Counting Occurrences of a Word or Phrase
  • Debugging: Tracing Precedents
  • Debugging: Tracing Dependents
  • Debugging: Evaluating Formulas
  • Using the Watch Window
  • Adding Simple Conditional Formatting
  • Adding Advanced Conditional Formatting
  • Creating New Rules for Conditional Formatting
  • Managing Conditional Formatting
  • Visualizing Your Data
  • Using Quick Analysis
  • Using What-If? Scenarios
  • Using Data Tables
  • Modeling Two Formulas in a Data Table
  • Using Two-Dimensional Data Tables
  • Using Goal Seek
  • Preparing Data for a Pivot Table
  • Creating a Pivot Table
  • Deeper Analysis with Pivot Tables
  • Using Averages and Counts in Pivot Tables
  • Calculating Percentages in Pivot Tables
  • Using Slicers
  • Creating a Pivot Chart
  • Tracing Totals Back to Data
  • Refreshing a Pivot Table
  • Inserting a Table
  • Adding Totals to a Table
  • Formatting Your Table
  • Setting (and Clearing) a Print Area
  • Printing to Fit the Page or Across Multiple Pages
  • Adding a Page Header
  • Adding a Watermark
  • Choosing Cells to Leave Unlocked
  • Hiding Formulas in Cells
  • Password Protecting Ranges
  • Protecting the Worksheet
  • Protecting the Workbook
  • Protecting Excel Files
  • Data Entry Shortcuts
  • Formatting Shortcuts
  • Navigation Shortcuts
  • Selection Shortcuts


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