101 Ways to Captivate a Business Audience

  • 1h 59m
  • Sue Gaulke
  • 1997

Captivating a business audience doesn't come naturally to most business speakers. But they can learn to do it and have fun -- with minimum stress and plenty of charisma. This handy little book shares the author's highly successful "sizzle-steak" method. It features 101 audience-tested anecdotes, experiences, quotes, and insights designed to help every speaker "turn up the creative heat."

Readers will learn how they can:

  • customize their message to the audience
  • generate ideas fast
  • organize material for maximum retention
  • control nervousness
  • add sizzle every six minutes
  • look, feel, and act like a million dollars
  • energize their voices
  • create exciting visual aids
  • "bulletproof" their presentations

In this Book

  • 101 Ways to Captivate a Business Audience
  • List of the 101 Ways
  • Preface
  • Your Audience Speaks
  • Connect With Your Audience
  • Steak: Organization Made Easy
  • Add Sizzle Every Six Minutes
  • Control Nervousness: The Star Wars Theory
  • Style: Becoming a “10”
  • Master the Magic in Your Voice
  • Create Exciting Visual Aids
  • Bulletproof Your Presentation
  • Stupid Meetings? Try Some Steak, Sizzle, and Style
  • This Stuff Really Works
  • Conclusion
  • Camp Chat—Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions
  • Quick Tips
  • Recommended Resources