107 Ways to Stick to It: Practical Tips to Achieve the Success You Deserve

  • 26m
  • Lee J. Colan
  • CornerStone Leadership Institute
  • 2006

What’s the REAL secret to success?

Throughout our lifetime, we grasp at the latest fads and the newest techniques, all with the hope of capturing the magic we see in others who are highly successful. We emulate strong role models, we study, we strive – all to find the secret of success.

Based on research and real-life experiences, the absolute highest-achieving people practice three things to win in the game of life. They continually:

  • Sharpen their Focus
  • Build their Competence
  • Ignite their Passion

Learn the secrets from the world’s highest achievers. These 107 practical, inspiring tips will help you stick to it and WIN!

About the Author

Lee Colan is a high-energy executive advisor, speaker and author. He has a proven track record of helping companies manage rapid changes.

Prior to starting The L Group in 1999, Lee was an executive for one of the fastest growing companies on NASDAQ at the time. He has held leadership positions with Fortune 100 companies including American Airlines and McKesson. He has also held consulting positions with two premier consulting firms: Booz-Allen and Hamilton and William M. Mercer.

Lee serves on the board of directors for an Inc. 500 company. His articles and practical advice have appeared in a wide variety of publications. He has also authored two books: Sticking to It: The Art of Adherence and Passionate Performance, that have been widely read and applied by many of the Fortune 1000 leadership teams.

In this Book

  • 107 Ways to Stick To It—Practical Tips to Achieve the Success You Deserve
  • How to Use This Book
  • Introduction
  • Sharpening Your Focus
  • Building Your Competence
  • Igniting Your Passion
  • Sticking To It