50 Top IT Project Management Challenges

  • 1h 9m
  • Premanand Doraiswamy, Premi Shiv
  • IT Governance
  • 2012

Discussions on project management forums highlight many of the challenges facing a project manager during the course of a project. Unclear requirements, scope creep and undefined roles are well-trodden issues that can derail a project. Other challenges are less obvious, often more subtle, but equally destructive.

Facing up to the challenges: This book offers a focused and concise summary of 50 challenges facing today's IT project manager. The authors draw on years of practical experience (rather than classroom theory) to outline these challenges and offer useful tips and advice on how to deal with them.

Challenge and response: Readers of this book will be better equipped to respond to key project management challenges, including:

  • Building the team getting the right resources, matching skills/knowledge, defining roles and responsibilities.
  • Project scope clarifying assumptions, avoiding ambiguity, getting the time/cost estimates right.
  • Politics communicating with management and stakeholders, dealing with conflict, handling interference and micro-managing.
  • Risk awareness identifying inside/outside influences, recognizing inbound and outbound dependencies.
  • Time management using the right planning tools, balancing work versus meetings.
  • Failure handling the blame game, protecting the team, rescuing the project.

This book condenses into a handy summary much of the information and advice that can be found in project management related books and discussion forums. It is an ideal reference for anyone involved in IT project management, from professional service organizations (PSO) and project management offices (PMO), through to active project managers and studying graduates.

About the Authors

Premanand Doraiswamy has over 14 years of IT experience and has worked with Fortune 500 companies across various industries. He specialises in IT project management and wrote the book IT Project Management – 30 steps to success for IT Governance Publishing.

Premi Shiv is a Quality Assurance Specialist with over seven years of IT experience. Premi possesses immense knowledge of various IT processes and management solutions. She is known for her optimistic approach and organisational skills, by which she has carved a niche for herself in quality assurance.

In this Book

  • 50 Top IT Project Management Challenges
  • Introduction
  • Unclear Requirements
  • Missed Requirement
  • Delay in Document Approvals
  • Scope Creep
  • Unclear Risks and Issues
  • Project Infrastucture Issues
  • Service Introduction Challenges
  • Undefined Project Dependencies
  • Project Methodology
  • Handling Escalation
  • Time-Driven Projects
  • Undefined Roles and Responsibilities
  • Post-Live Support Uncovered
  • Project Infrastructure Delivery Delayed
  • Unclear Quality Criteria
  • Unstructured Project Costing
  • Resource Utilisation
  • Revision of Estimates and Timescales
  • Vendor Quality Issues
  • Wrong Assumptions
  • Unclear Business Rollout Approach
  • Project Cancellation
  • Project Operational Issues
  • Undefined Project Critical Path
  • Time and Cost Issues
  • Overestimation of Projects
  • Unmanageable Plan
  • Overspent Projects
  • Vendor Payment Milestone Issues
  • Poor Source Code Quality
  • Process Interference
  • Project Colour Coding
  • Project Go-Live Failures
  • Project Prototype Failure
  • Critical Team Member Absence
  • Insufficient Schedule Information
  • Insufficient Domain Knowledge
  • Insufficient Technical Knowledge
  • Delay in Starting Project
  • Missing Teamwork
  • Performance Appraisal Conflicts
  • Project Synergy Missing
  • Stakeholder’s Micromanagement
  • Project Status Report Issues
  • Vendor Contract Confusion
  • War with PMO
  • Ambiguous Statement of Work
  • Ambiguous Non-Functional Requirements
  • Too Many Meetings
  • Troubled Project Rescue
  • ITG Resources