77 Best Practices in Negotiation

  • 2h 19m
  • Gary S. Goodman
  • G&D Media
  • 2020

DR. GARY S. GOODMAN is the best-selling author of more than twenty-five books and thousands of articles. He is also creator of the applauded training program, “Best Practices in Negotiation,” offered at U.C. Berkeley and UCLA Extension, as well as at organizations worldwide. As an attorney, Fortune 1000 management consultant, and celebrated speaker and lecturer, Dr. Goodman has personally negotiated more than a thousand contracts for his companies and for his clients.

Drawing from the best-published sources and his own ample experiences, Dr. Goodman shares tips and techniques for negotiating everyday transactions as well as mega-deals. You will discover:

  • The six-step Anatomy of a Negotiation Transaction, a guide from the inception to the execution of an agreement
  • How to avoid common pitfalls and dirty tricks when negotiating
  • How not to give away the store
  • The 3 “T”s in any negotiation: Text, Tone, and Timing
  • When you should grab their first offer
  • The secret to detecting 3 types of liars
  • How to read your counterpart’s pain threshold
  • The best way to counter dirty tricks
  • No Job Offer? Negotiate Reconsideration!
  • How to negotiate Less Job Stress!
  • Five traps to avoid in preparing for a negotiation
  • Unique and counter-intuitive advice to finding better bargains on cars and housing

There is a lot of room for creativity in negotiating, but few folks pay attention to the possibilities. You need LOTS of tools, techniques, strategies, ploys, feints, and bluffs in order to come out on top. That’s why expert negotiator Dr. Gary Goodman has provided you with no fewer than 77 Best Practices!

About the Author

Dr. Gary S. Goodman is a dynamic professional keynote speaker, seminar presenter, management consultant, and thought leader in sales, customer service, negotiation, career and personal development. Best-selling author of more than 20 books and audio books, his client list contains many of the Fortune 100 as well as aspiring smaller enterprises. He is a frequent expert commentator on media worldwide, including CNBC and more than 100 radio stations. He has been awarded the highest 5-star interview rating by the Copley News Network. He has authored more than 1,800 searchable articles, appearing in more than one million publications, online. Gary has also taught on the regular faculty at the University of Southern California, California State University Northridge, and DePauw University. Additionally, his groundbreaking seminars have been sponsored worldwide by professional associations, corporations, and by 39 universities. He is celebrating his 20th year teaching at UCLA and his 12th at U.C. Berkeley, the top two public universities in the world.

In this Book

  • What is a Negotiation?
  • Anatomy of a Negotiation
  • 77 Best Practices in Negotiation