8 Ways to Declutter your Brain

  • 3h 57m
  • Theresa Puskar
  • G&D Media
  • 2020

After eons of inhabiting the earth, the human brain has developed into a highly functional and complex apparatus. That being said, we have come to the point where we actually believe we are our minds. What if you discovered that you are not your thoughts - that they are, in fact, an expression of the universal "thoughtmosphere"? The time has come for you to shift your paradigm, and awaken to the realization that your mind has served you well, but that you are so much more.

In this revolutionary new book, edu-tainer, speaker, and author Theresa Puskar sheds light on the incessant mind chatter that clutters your brain and uncovers the myriad of traps your ego sets to deplete your energy and keep you conflicted, confused, and running.

Learn how to: shift from toxic reactivity to liberating receptivity; get out of your own way and attract success; access your innate sense of well-being; review and release your never-ending battle with life; recognize the source of your anger and intolerance and discover deep peace; build genuine, heart-based relationships; transform exhaustion to inspired mobilization; and fall in love with your True Self.

In this Book

  • Ruthless Self-Examination
  • Commit to Inner Integrity
  • Step Out of Victimhood: Owning Our Issues
  • Find the Courage to Build Intimate Relationships
  • Ask for Help
  • The Say Yes Process
  • Choose an Attitude of Gratitude
  • Expect the Unexpected; Miracles Abound


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