A Guide to Supporting Hybrid Team Leaders

  • 30m
  • Chris Coladonato
  • Association for Talent Development
  • 2022

Are hybrid teams really that different from office-based or entirely virtual teams? Yes, to a certain degree. As organizations embrace flexible work, more people leaders will lead hybrid teams, and they need the skills and knowledge to do so. In this issue of TD at Work, Chris Coladonato explains ways talent development professionals can support and equip people managers with the tools and guidance to support their teams. She also details:

  • The unique qualities of hybrid teams and associated challenges.
  • Three critical areas of focus for managers leading hybrid teams
  • Tools%Resources in this issue are a team connection agreement guide, hybrid leadership in action guide, and communication and collaboration inclusion worksheet.

About the Author

Chris Coladonato, CPTD, Chris Coladonato, CPTD, is a hybrid and virtual workplace consultant who works with organizations to build a workplace experience where employees can be productive and thrive regardless of their work location. Her specialties include virtual facilitation and helping distributed teams connect and stay connected, and she is passionate about creating real relationships in the virtual world.

In this Book

  • A Guide to Supporting Hybrid Team Leaders