Access 2010 24-Hour Trainer

  • 10h
  • Geoffrey L. Griffith, Truitt L. Bradly
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2011

This book-and-video package is the perfect introduction to Access 2010

Microsoft Access is the most popular database system in the world and this practical guide will soon have you building Access applications using the Access 2010. This book is designed for beginner-to intermediate-level Access users and covers the basics of building and working with the major features of the program. Over 60 lessons are included to discuss these features and provide step-by-step examples showing you exactly how each feature can be implemented in a real world Access database application.

  • Provides examples of building Access database applications from scratch or from existing database templates.
  • Discusses how to use Access 2010 and the major components it provides, such as the Navigation Pane, Ribbon, and the many database object designers.
  • Teaches the basics of building and working with each of the major Access database object types: tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, and VBA code modules.
  • Introduces exciting new Access 2010 features, such as the new macro designer, the new Ribbon designer, and even how to customize the Access Backstage.
  • Teaches the basics of writing VBA code and provides specific examples about how and when to use it.

Even if you have no experience with Access 2010, this guide will have you building robust Access applications with the best of them! If you want to get quickly up to speed on Access 2010, Access 2010 24-Hour Trainer is the perfect place to start.

About the Authors

Geoffrey L. Griffith has over 14 years' experience with Access beginning with Access 2.0. He is the coauthor of Access 2007 VBA Programmer's Reference and Access 2010 Programmer's Reference.

Truitt L. Bradly, a Microsoft Access MVP, is an accountant, analyst, and developer who has developed several database applications using Access and SQL Server. He is the coauthor of Microsoft Access Small Business Solutions.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Installing Access 2010
  • Getting Started in Access 2010
  • Creating a New Database Application
  • Access Database Objects
  • The Access 2010 Ribbon
  • The Access 2010 Backstage
  • The Access 2010 Navigation Pane
  • Creating a Table in Datasheet View
  • Creating a Table in Design View
  • Access 2010 Data Types
  • Table and Field Properties
  • Data Validation and Limiting User Input
  • Creating Value List Fields
  • Creating Lookup Tables
  • Table Modifications
  • Creating Table Relationships
  • Creating Table Field Indexes
  • Creating Tables from External Data
  • Creating Linked Tables
  • Collecting Data via E-Mail
  • Creating Queries with the Wizard
  • Creating Queries in Design View
  • Creating Select Queries
  • Data Aggregation and Grouping
  • Creating Parameter Queries
  • Creating Append Queries
  • Creating Update Queries
  • Creating Delete Queries
  • Creating Make Table Queries
  • Creating Crosstab Queries
  • Creating Forms in Layout View
  • Creating Forms in Design View
  • Access Form Properties
  • Access 2010 Form Controls
  • Working with Subforms and Subreports
  • Embedded Macros in Forms
  • Adding Code to Forms
  • Access 2010 Form Types
  • Creating PivotCharts
  • Access Application Navigation
  • Creating Reports in Layout View
  • Creating Reports in Design View
  • Access Report Properties
  • Report Sorting, Grouping, and Totals
  • Using Macros in Reports
  • Creating Macros in Access 2010
  • Macro Types and Security
  • Macro Parts
  • Building Macros
  • Data Macros in Access 2010
  • The Visual Basic Editor
  • Introduction to VBA
  • Using Operators in VBA
  • Using Variables in VBA
  • Creating Class Modules
  • The Access Object Model
  • Working with DAO
  • Access Application Settings
  • Customizing the Navigation Pane
  • Customizing the Ribbon
  • Customizing the Backstage
  • The Access Runtime