Access 2010 For Dummies

  • 6h
  • Ken Cook, Laurie Ulrich Fuller
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2010

Organize and use your data to create snappy-looking reports that put your genius on display

Access 2010 provides plenty of tools for building a database. You'll also need a bit of help to create a database that delivers the reports that drive business decisions. That's why you need this book. It covers the latest Access features and tools and explains how they assist in organizing and mining data to get the information and reports you need.

  • Get down to basic training — find out about the new features and tools in Access 2010 as you navigate and master the Access workspace
  • Set the table — create relationships between tables, customize the way data is stored in tables, and control how data is entered
  • Dive into data — discover smart ways to share your Access data online or with other programs and bring data from applications into Access
  • Find the answers — learn how to sort, filter, and query your data to get at the information in your database
  • Spice up your reports — use timesaving tools that let you create customized, professional reports with ease
  • Make it all better — tune up your database for better performance and create a user interface to control what people see

Open the book and find:

  • How to open a table, insert records, and name fields
  • Techniques for importing, exporting, and editing data
  • Tips for sharing your database
  • Ways to find, filter, and sort data
  • How to get the answers to your database queries
  • Secrets for designing cool reports
  • Steps for using Analyzer tools
  • How to create and test a Navigation form

Learn to:

  • Navigate the Access interface and understand database architecture
  • Build tables to organize data and forms for easy data entry
  • Share data and create forms and reports
  • Use the power of queries to find and maintain your data

About the Authors

Laurie Ulrich Fuller is a highly experienced tech author, consultant, and Office trainer. Her consulting firm, Limehat & Company, offers training, Web development, and marketing services.

Ken Cook is a database design expert, consultant, and author of several books on Office and Excel.

In this Book

  • Getting to Know Access 2010
  • Finding Your Way Around Access
  • Database Basics
  • Keys, Relationships, and Indexes
  • Remodeling Your Data
  • What's Happening Under the Table?
  • Creating Data Forms
  • Importing and Exporting Data
  • Editing Data Automatically
  • Gather Locally, Share Globally
  • Fast Finding, Filtering, and Sorting Data
  • I Was Just Asking … for Answers
  • I'll Take These AND Those OR Them
  • Queries That Think Faster Than You
  • Calculating with Your Data
  • Flying into Action Queries
  • Quick and Not-So-Dirty Automatic Reporting
  • Dazzling Report Design
  • Headers and Footers and Groups, Oh My!
  • Magical Mass Mailings
  • Making It All Better with the Analyzer Tools
  • Hello! Creating an Interface to Welcome Database Users
  • Ten Common Problems
  • Ten Uncommon Tips