Achieving Business Success with GIS

  • 3h 21m
  • Bruce Douglas
  • John Wiley & Sons (UK)
  • 2008

Achieving Business Success with GIS explores the business environment of making GIS technology successful for professional organisations using it. The book focuses on the use of GIS technology to enhance businesses and provides a business-focused rationale for using spatial technologies to address real problems encountered by user organisations.

Written at a practical level, suited to the business audience, the book applies academic rigour to practical and commercial issues and offers viewpoints from all parties involved in GIS implementation. It provides tangible advice ranging from technical and financial to organisational and commercial. Unique in its approach, the book provides clear, practical advice and discusses how to develop a GIS strategy, how requirements should be defined and how to select and implement the most appropriate GIS. A discussion on the issues that need to be considered to ensure success when using GIS and issues relevant to the spatial industry are also included. Above all, this book seeks to provide the mechanism so that spatial technologies support and enhance the delivery of business benefits to the organisation implementing the technology.

  • Provides case studies which emphasize the pitfalls to avoid.
  • Features examples of the best and worst uses of GIS and includes discussion on the process of specifying and tendering for a GIS.
  • Takes a truly global approach.
  • Clearly structured with key chapters on developing a GIS strategy and selecting and implementing the most appropriate GIS for your business.
  • Provides tangible advice ranging from technical and financial to organizational and commercial.
  • An invaluable reference for organisations using (or intending to use) GIS as well as students and researchers undertaking courses in GIS.

About the Author

Bruce Douglas. Director, Corporate GIS Consultants, Bankstown, NSW (New South Wales), Australia, Past-President Geospatial Information and Technology Association (GITA), Australia / New Zealand.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • The Spatial Information Industry
  • Introducing the Elements of a GIS Strategy
  • Developing the Business Focus
  • Developing the Data/Information Focus
  • Developing the Organisational Focus
  • Developing the Application and Technology Focus
  • Developing a GIS Strategy
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis/Return on Investment
  • Selecting a GIS
  • Implementing GIS
  • The Best and the Worst
  • Closing Remarks