Actual Costing with the SAP Material Ledger, 2nd Edition 2015

  • 6h 20m
  • Vanda Reis
  • Rheinwerk Publishing Inc.
  • 2015

Don't let your internal costs mirror ever-changing market fluctuations. Keep things straight and get the complete picture on valuation and costing with the Material Ledger in this book, from master data setup and configuration to revaluations. Using a practical approach, helpful steps, and detailed case studies, you'll learn how to set up and configure the Material Ledger for several scenarios, use its different functions, and much more.

  • Learn how to configure the SAP Material Ledger for actual costing
  • Perform periodic actual costing and actual costing revaluations
  • Understand the benefits of using the Material Ledger on SAP HANA, and learn how to replicate data to it

Costing Processes

Cement your Material Ledger foundation: learn about concepts and usage, product cost planning, account determination, and how to choose and implement the best valuation method for different materials.


Master SAP Material Ledger basic configuration. Set up essential master data, carry out inventory valuation in multiple currencies, and configure your system for other special requirements.

Advanced Topics

Learn about approaches to transfer prices and multiple valuation, IFRS, and actual costing cross-company code, and find out what can happen when the Material Ledger runs on SAP HANA.

  • Product cost planning
  • Actual costing runs
  • Total cost absorption
  • Purchase price variance
  • Manufacturing and overhead variances
  • Material price determination
  • Single and multilevel price determination
  • COGS/WIP revaluation at actual cost
  • IFRS
  • Integration with Financial Accounting

About the Author

Vanda Reis worked most of her professional life as a product costing and Material Ledger expert. She has worked as a consultant and advisor for Material Ledger subject matter in several of the largest companies worldwide for more than 10 years, helping many organizations set up and optimize their manufacturing costing processes. Vanda has also worked in different areas within SAP, such as SAP Catch Weight Management, SAP Solution Manager, SAP BPC (Business Planning and Consolidations), and SAP HCM. She was an important contributor to the SAP community through her articles in Financial Experts magazine. Since 2011, Vanda has been working in IT leadership roles, holding influential positions in large enterprises in the United States. She holds a computer science degree with specialization in strategic management and a master's degree in Managing Information Technology. She is a member of PMI, and holds a Project Management Professional certification.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Material Ledger Basics
  • Product Cost Planning
  • Material Ledger Configuration and Startup
  • Account Determination Configuration for the Material Ledger
  • Purchasing Processes and Variances
  • Manufacturing and Overhead Variances
  • Periodic Actual Costing
  • Actual Costing Revaluations
  • Actual Costs and Value Flow Reports
  • Material Ledger: More Functionalities
  • Transfer Prices and Multiple Valuation Approaches
  • Multiple Valuation of Cost of Goods Manufactured and IFRS
  • Actual Costing Cross-Company Code
  • Material Ledger on SAP HANA