Advanced Mechanics of Materials

  • 8h 37m
  • R. Jay. Conant, Roman Solecki
  • Oxford University Press (US) Engineering
  • 2003

Advanced Mechanics of Materials bridges the gap between elementary mechanics of materials courses and more rigorous graduate courses in mechanics of deformable bodies (i.e., continuum mechanics, elasticity, plasticity) taken by graduate students. Covering both traditional and modern topics, the text is ideal for senior undergraduate and beginning graduate courses in advanced strength of materials, advanced mechanics of materials, or advanced mechanics of solids. Rather than exclusively emphasizing either fundamentals or applications, it provides a balance between the two, teaching fundamentals while using real-world applications to solidify student comprehension.

Advanced Mechanics of Materials features:

  • DT applications to contemporary practice
  • DT use of modern computer tools, including Mathcad DT
  • an introduction to modern topics, such as piezoelectricity, fracture mechanics, and viscoelasticity

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Stress and Equilibrium Equations
  • Displacement and Strain
  • Relationships Between Stress and Strain
  • Energy Concepts
  • Numerical Methods I
  • Numerical Methods II—Finite Elements
  • Beams
  • Elementary Problems in Two-and Three-Dimensional Solid Mechanics
  • Plates
  • Buckling and Vibration
  • Introduction to Fracture Mechanics


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