Advanced Server Virtualization: VMware and Microsoft Platforms in the Virtual Data Center

  • 12h 53m
  • Dave McCrory, David Marshall, Wade A. Reynolds
  • CRC Press
  • 2006

Executives of IT organizations are compelled to quickly implement server virtualization solutions because of significant cost savings. However, most IT professionals tasked with deploying virtualization solutions have little or no experience with the technology. This creates a high demand for information on virtualization and how to properly implement it in a datacenter. Advanced Server Virtualization: VMware and Microsoft Platforms in the Virtual Data Center focuses on the core knowledge needed to evaluate, implement, and maintain an environment that is using server virtualization. This book emphasizes the design, implementation and management of server virtualization from both a technical and a consultative point of view. It provides practical guides and examples, demonstrating how to properly size and evaluate virtualization technologies. This volume is not based upon theory, but instead on real world experience in the implementation and management of large scale projects and environments. Currently, there are few experts in this relatively new field, making this book a valuable resource The book is divided into major sections making it both a step-by-step guide for learning and implementing server virtualization as well as a quick reference. The chapter organization focuses first on introducing concepts and background, and then provides real-world scenarios.

About the Authors

David Marshall is currently employed as a Senior Software Engineer for Surgient, Inc., the leading software provider of on-demand applications. He holds a B.S. degree in Finance as well as an Information Technology Certification from the University of New Orleans. He is Microsoft Certified and has attained numerous certifications from CompTia. Marshall has been working with virtualization software for nearly six years. While working for a startup company, ProTier, he became one of the few people in the country to work with server class virtualization products such as VMware ESX Server, Connectix Virtual Server, and Microsoft Virtual Server while each were still in their Alpha stage. Using this knowledge, he was able to help contribute to the writing of ProTier’s product manual and training guides. As a Systems Engineer and a Deployment Manager with ProTier, he was able to create and implement complex solutions for a number of Fortune 1000 clients. Continuing to expand his virtualization knowledge to other platforms and other products, Marshall contributes to Surgient’s products and its customers. Prior to joining ProTier and Surgient, he enjoyed a long and successful career employed as a Project Manager and Systems Manager for Bank One Louisiana.

Wade A. Reynolds is currently employed as an Architect in the Professional Services department of Surgient Inc., an Austin, Texas based company that provides leading-edge software solutions that leverage server virtualization technology. He has been designing and implementing enterprise solutions using server virtualization technology for more than four years with VMware ESX Server and Microsoft Virtual Server. Reynolds has a strong background in software development, database design, networked systems engineering, and system integration. He earned MCP certification and worked as the Senior Solutions Developer for SCP Pool Corporation, the world’s largest pool supply distributor, where he architected and implemented enterprise-level business applications, databases, and processes, and as a consultant for General Electric, where his server and networking skills were honed.

Dave McCrory currently works as an expert in Enterprise Data Center Virtualization and Hosting Technologies. McCrory has been granted two U.S. Patents and has five others pending, all based on Data Center Management and Virtualization technologies. He has worked with Microsoft Virtual Server in its Alpha stage as well as with its predecessor, Connectix Virtual Server. While working with these products, he provided these companies with assistance on the original designs. Additionally, he also was the first successful Alpha site for VMware ESX Server. Previously, he had also worked as a consultant for both Sprint and General Electric. McCrory also founded ProTier, a startup company that wrote virtualization management software that was later acquired by Surgient Inc. He has also attained Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Master Certified Netware Engineer, and Citrix Certified Administrator certifications.

In this Book

  • Introduction to Server Virtualization
  • Types of Server Virtualization Technologies
  • Server Virtualization Concepts
  • Business Cases for Server Virtualization
  • Other Uses of Server Virtualization
  • Planning for Deployment
  • Server Virtualization Platform Differences
  • The Microsoft Virtual Server Platform
  • Installing Microsoft Virtual Server
  • Configuring Microsoft Virtual Server
  • Creating a Microsoft Virtual Server Virtual Machine
  • Microsoft Virtual Server Advanced Topics
  • The VMware ESX Server Platform
  • Installing VMware ESX Server
  • Configuring VMware ESX Server
  • Creating a VMware ESX Server Virtual Machine
  • VMware ESX Server Advanced Topics
  • The VMware GSX Server Platform
  • Installing VMware GSX Server
  • Configuring VMware GSX Server
  • Creating a VMware GSX Server Virtual Machine
  • VMware GSX Server Advanced Topics
  • Upgrading VMware GSX Server and ESX Server
  • Guest Operating System Techniques
  • Scripting with Microsoft Virtual Server, VMware GSX Server and ESX Server
  • Other Advanced Topics
  • Tools and Utilities
  • Related Products and Open Source Projects
  • Other Virtualization Resources


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