Advances in Computers: Dataflow Processing, Volume Ninety Six

  • 4h 33m
  • Ali Hurson, Veljko Milutinovic (eds)
  • Elsevier Science and Technology Books, Inc.
  • 2015

Since its first volume in 1960, Advances in Computers has presented detailed coverage of innovations in computer hardware, software, theory, design, and applications. It has also provided contributors with a medium in which they can explore their subjects in greater depth and breadth than journal articles usually allow. As a result, many articles have become standard references that continue to be of significant, lasting value in this rapidly expanding field.

  • In-depth surveys and tutorials on new computer technology
  • Well-known authors and researchers in the field
  • Extensive bibliographies with most chapters
  • Many of the volumes are devoted to single themes or subfields of computer science

In this Book

  • An Overview of Selected Heterogeneous and Reconfigurable Architectures
  • Concurrency, Synchronization, and Speculation—The Dataflow Way
  • Dataflow Computing in Extreme Performance Conditions
  • Sorting Networks on Maxeler Dataflow Supercomputing Systems
  • Dual Data Cache Systems: Architecture and Analysis