Agilizing the Enterprise: Collaborative Leadership, Dynamic Strategy, and Organizational Flexibility

  • 6h 4m
  • Joseph Raynus
  • CRC Press
  • 2018

Are you still searching for the workplace that deserves someone like you? Do you really have a good understanding about what is going on out there, in the business world? In this book, we will discuss the importance of agility and how it affects the solutions that are being delivered by an organization. We will also talk about how a blend of strategic innovation, visionary leadership, and organizational agility go hand in hand to ensure the success of an organization. Enterprise agility is not a far-fetched possibility. Once the problems of the organization are identified, with the right tools and effort, the agility, efficiency, and effectiveness of an organization, as well as the processes that the success of the organization are based on, can all be maximized. This book will broaden your thinking and will help you expand your horizons.

About the Author

Joseph Raynus, speaker, author, trainer, and consultant, is a leading practitioner who brings a unique blend of practical hands-on experience with innovative ideas and solutions to deal with the real-world challenges of complex environments.

He is a recognized expert in business process management, strategic program and project planning and management as well as quantitative performance management. He facilitated large-scale organizational change, designed and led comprehensive training programs, personally managed multi-million dollar technology projects, and been trainer and mentor to different levels of management.

Joseph teaches graduate engineering and the MBA courses at the Northeastern University and Bentley University. He is a founder of ShareDynamics, Inc., specializing in training and consulting in the subject of Strategic Planning, Performance Management, and Business Process Improvement. Mr. Raynus works with leading companies as well as Federal and State government in training and consulting engagements.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Meeting at the Airport
  • Searching for Answers in History
  • Searching for the Age of Agility
  • Searching in Change Management
  • Searching in Strategic Leadership
  • Searching for Agile Organizations
  • Searching for Agile Leadership Qualities
  • Searching for Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Searching for Innovation
  • Moving to the Age of Agility