AI and UX: Why Artificial Intelligence Needs User Experience

  • 2h 57m
  • Gavin Lew, Robert M. Schumacher Jr.
  • Apress
  • 2020

As venture capital and industrial resources are increasingly poured into rapid advances in artificial intelligence, the actual usage and success of AI depends on a satisfactory experience for the user. UX will play a significant role in the adoption of AI technologies across markets, and AI and UX explores just what these demands will entail.

Great effort has been put forth to continuously make AI “smarter.” But, will smarter always equal more successful AI? It is not just about getting a product to market, but about getting the product into a user’s hands in a form that will be embraced. This demands examining the product from the perspective of the user. Authors Gavin Lew and Robert Schumacher have written AI and UX to examine just how product managers and designers can best strike this balance. From exploring the history of the parallel journeys of AI and UX, to investigating past product examples and failures, to practical expert knowledge on how to best execute a positive user experience, AI and UX examines all angles of how AI can best be developed within a UX framework.

The new world of AI necessitates an equally new UX lens through which to see all potential products. While massive inroads have created strides in AI technology, it must be accessible and easy to use for the consumer. Innovators in the field need to shift thinking from “it works” to “it works well,” which makes all the difference in increasing adoption. Let your users enhance your data, and let the UX of your product do the selling for you. AI and UX is your roadmap for the future.

What You'll Learn

  • Understand how the usage and success of AI depends on a great user experience
  • Discover how technology can advance beyond “it works” to “it works well,” which subsequently increases its adoption
  • Determine what ways can we let the users enhance the data to make AI better attuned to their needs
  • Realize how you can make humans smarter in their interactions with AI

Who This Book Is For

Those interested in AI and future implications; these can be futurists, technophiles, or product designers and product managers working on AI products

About the Authors

Gavin Lew has 25 years of experience in the corporate and academic environment. He founded User Centric and grew the company to be the largest private UX consultancy in the United States. After selling the company, he continued to lead a North American UX team to become one of the most profitable business units of the parent organization. He is a frequent presenter at national and international conferences and the inventor of several patents. He is an adjunct professor at DePaul and Northwestern Universities. Gavin has a Masters in Experimental Psychology from Loyola University, and is currently the Managing Partner of Bold Insight, part of ReSight Global, a globally funded UX consulting practice across North America, Europe and Asia.

Robert M. Schumacher, Jr. has more than 30 years of experience in academic, agency and corporate worlds. He co-owned User Centric with Gavin from its early stages until it was sold to GfK in 2012. While at User Centric, Bob helped found the User Experience Alliance, a global alliance of UX agencies. As well he founded User Experience Ltd, a UX agency in Beijing. He is Co-founder, co-owner, and Managing Partner of Bold Insight, part of ReSight Global, a global UX company. He has several patents and dozens of technical publications, including user interface standards for health records for the US government. He also is an Adjunct Professor at Northwestern University. Bob has a Ph.D. in Cognitive and Experimental Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

In this Book

  • Introduction to AI and UX—There and Back Again
  • AI and UX: Parallel Journeys
  • AI-Enabled Products Are Emerging All Around Us—Technology is Everywhere
  • Garbage In, Garbage Out
  • Applying a UX Framework