Aircraft System Safety: Assessments for Initial Airworthiness Certification

  • 7h 1m
  • Duane Kritzinger
  • Elsevier Science and Technology Books, Inc.
  • 2017

Aircraft Failure Assessments: A Practical Guide for System Safety presents a practical guide for the novice safety practitioner in the more specific area of assessing aircraft system failures to show compliance to regulations such as FAR25.1302 and 1309. A case study and safety strategy beginning in chapter two shows the reader how to bring safety assessment together in a logical and efficient manner.

Written to supplement (not replace) the content of the advisory material to these regulations (e.g. AMC25.1309) as well as the main supporting reference standards (e.g. SAE ARP 4761, RTCA/DO-178, RTCA/DO-154), this book strives to amalgamate all these different documents into a consolidated strategy with simple process maps to aid in their understanding and optimise their efficient use.

  • Covers the effect of design, manufacturing, and maintenance errors and the effects of common component errors
  • Evaluates the malfunctioning of multiple aircraft components and the interaction which various aircraft systems have on the ability of the aircraft to continue safe flight and landing
  • Presents and defines a case study (an aircraft modification program) and a safety strategy in the second chapter, after which each of the following chapters will explore the theory of the technique required and then apply the theory to the case study

About the Author

Duane Kritzinger is an experienced Certification and Safety Engineering specialist. His distinguishing safety expertise lies in the ability to differentiate and integrate the Safety Assessments in the design phase with the Safety Management activities in the operational phase. His certification skills cover both the military and civil aviation domains, where he not only provides expertise in the certification of products/parts/appliance, but also assists with EASA Part 21 Design Organisation Approvals (which includes the establishment of organisation processes and structures to move beyond minimum compliance towards organisational performance).

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Safety Assessment Strategy (with Goal Structuring Notation)
  • Functional Hazard Analysis
  • Fault Tree Analysis
  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
  • Common Mode Analysis
  • Particular Risk Analysis
  • Zonal Safety Analysis
  • Development Assurance
  • Crew Errors in the Safety Assessment
  • Continuing Safety
  • Abbreviations
  • Definitions


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