ALE, EDI, & IDoc Technologies for SAP, 2nd Edition

  • 8h 37m
  • Arvind Nagpal, John Pitlak
  • Cengage Course PTR
  • 2001

Administer the EDI Interface

Learn about various testing techniques and tools that are available after configuration of the EDI system. Discover the best ways to simultaneously manage the performance and throughput of your system. Benefit from timesaving discussions about the troubleshooting process, and from detailed flowcharts that will help you quickly find and fix problems.

Configure the ALE Interface

Learn how to set up the basic ALE infrastructure required by all ALE processes. Then move on to a discussion of the distribution of master data. Learn about the various distribution techniques, business issues, and strategies used by large organizations to keep master data under control. A detailed discussion of business process distribution is also included.

Master IDoc Modifications

Gain a thorough understanding of IDoc development and programming. Begin with an explanation of how to create new IDocs and extend existing ones. Then move on to program development. Later, customize the ALE/EDI interface layer to recognize IDocs and their associated programs.

About the Authors

Arvind Nagpal is the Director of eBusiness Services at Rapidigm. He has implemented ALE and EDI for several Fotune 500 companies. He is also a highly respected instructor for SAP cross-application technologies. His in-depth knowledge has aided many global companies in successfully implementing complex distributed SAP systems.

John Pitlak has been involved with EDI development and implementation for ten years. As a consultant to the EPA, he particpated in some of the early federal governement EDI initiatives. John has served as SAP R/3 consultant and has assisted numerous Fortune 500 clients in implementing EDI, ALE, and IDoc technologies.

About the Series Editors

Gareth M. de Bruyn and Robert W. Lyfareff are Certified SAP Application Consultants who bring their combines business and SAP technical experience of more than ten years to Prima Tech's SAP series.

In this Book

  • ALE, EDI, & IDoc Technologies for SAP, 2nd Edition
  • Introduction
  • An Introduction to the EDI Process
  • An Introduction to SAP EDI Architecture
  • The Outbound EDI Process
  • The Inbound EDI Process
  • The EDI Subsystem
  • Configuring Basic EDI Components
  • Configuring Partner Profiles
  • Configuring Message Control
  • Configuring Workflow
  • Testing the EDI Interface
  • Monitoring the Interface
  • EDI Process Troubleshooting and Recovery
  • Managing EDI Process Performance and Throughput
  • Outbound with Message Control: Purchase Orders
  • Outbound without Message Control
  • Inbound with Function Module: Sales Orders
  • Inbound via Workflow: Sales Order Changes
  • Introduction to Distributed Systems
  • An Introduction to ALE Technology
  • The Outbound ALE Process
  • The Inbound ALE Process
  • Configuring the ALE Infrastructure
  • Distributing Master Data
  • Implementing Distributed Business Processes
  • SAP to Non-SAP Communication
  • Testing the ALE Interface
  • ALE Process Troubleshooting and Recovery
  • Managing ALE Process Performance and Throughput
  • IDocs from the Outside
  • IDocs on the Inside
  • Extending and Developing an IDoc Type
  • Programming in the IDoc Interface
  • Customizing the Interface for New or Extended IDocs
  • Archiving IDocs and Deleting Work Items