Android for Absolute Beginners: Getting Started with Mobile Apps Development Using the Android Java SDK

  • 5h 21m
  • Grant Allen
  • Apress
  • 2021

Get started as a mobile app developer and learn the art and science of Android app development. With no assumed knowledge about programming languages or Android required, you will gain the key skills for constructing fully functional Android apps for smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

You will also build a solid foundation in the Java programming language and the business of creating and releasing software for Android. Along the way you’ll get comfortable with Android Studio - the best way to write modern Android apps - before diving into your first Android code. The author spends plenty of time explaining how to build a robust UI with widgets, menus, layouts and more. These components will be the basis of your Android apps and so are covered in depth.

Having grasped the basics, you’ll move onto what will make your app stand out: sound, music, images, animations, and notifications. Taking these elements and combining them with phone features like calling and sensors, will take your apps to the next level.

The final part of the book covers services, events, intents, receivers, files and databases, essential sources of information and functionality for users and your app. In addition, you'll see how to protect your users and their data with permissions and security in examples throughout the book

What You Will Learn

  • Get started with Android and build your first apps with it
  • Install and use the Android Studio IDE
  • Set up and manage the app development life cycle
  • Master the basics of Java and XML required to create Android apps
  • Discover the strengths and features of the Android APIs and device capabilities

Who This Book Is For

Total beginners who have little or no exposure to software development. This book is also useful for developers who are completely new to Android.

About the Author

Grant Allen, Ph.D. has worked in the technology field for over 20 years, as a CTO, entrepreneur, and emerging technology expert. After successful startup exits and a decade at Google, Grant's focus is now mentoring and coaching startups and hi-tech companies on building great teams and great technology. He is a frequent speaker on topics such as big data, mobile ecosystems, Android, wearables, IoT, disruptive innovation, and more. Grant has a PhD in computer science based on research he performed whilst at Google, an MBA specializing in technology management, and he is the author of seven books on various mobile platform and data technology topics.

In this Book

  • Introducing Android
  • Introducing Android Studio
  • Your First Android Application, Already!
  • Exploring Your First Project
  • Android Studio In-Depth
  • Mastering Your Entire Developer Ecosystem
  • Introducing Java for Android Development
  • Introducing XML for Android Development
  • Exploring Android Concepts: Core UI Widgets
  • Exploring Android Concepts: Layouts and More
  • Understanding Activities
  • Introducing Fragments
  • Working with Sound, Audio, and Music for Android
  • Working with Video and Movies for Android
  • Introducing Notifications
  • Exploring Device Capabilities with Calls
  • Understanding Intents, Events, and Receivers
  • Introducing Android Services
  • Working with Files in Android
  • Working with Databases in Android


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