Apache Essentials: Install, Configure, Maintain, Second Edition

  • 2h 26m
  • Darren James Harkness
  • Apress
  • 2022

Take a friendly, non-technical approach to installing, configuring, and maintaining a web server for development and testing on Mac OS, Linux, and Windows. This new edition uses straightforward language to demystify the mechanics of the web, leading the reader through a complex topic via simple, iterative steps. The book reflects current, relevant Apache configurations and web application frameworks, and prepares the reader for working in professional web development environments.

You'll begin by reviewing a brief history of Apache that focuses on the necessary foundation to understand what these web servers are and why they are used. You'll then install a basic Apache setup on your operating system that loads a static HTML file for display in a browser. Next you'll work through progressively more detailed configurations towards a modern, secure application development environment for the two most commonly implemented development frameworks: a PHP-based framework such as Laravel or a NodeJS application.

In the end, Apache Essentials, second edition will show novice web developers and UX professionals how to quickly and confidently build and test their website changes safely and securely.

You will:

  • Install and configure Apache to support your development
  • Support common development frameworks using specific configuration guides
  • Set up a secure web server for testing
  • Use logs for troubleshooting and why that’s important

About the Author

Like most of the world, Darren James Harkness started his coding career with “Hello world!” on a computer he bought himself at the local office supply store. Originally registered as a computer science major, he quickly learned there might be a different way to participate in technology better suited to his skill set than hard coding. From that point on Darren turned to writing for the web, writing about the web, and managing smart people who do the same. He has never looked back.

Darren lives in the lower mainland of British Columbia where he still spends too much time online, much to the chagrin of his partner, son, cat, and scruffy dog.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started with Apache
  • Configuration Essentials
  • Configuring Virtual Hosts
  • Scripting Languages
  • Securing Your Setup
  • Log Files
  • Sample Apache Configurations
  • Epilogue