Applying Principles from IT Architecture to Strategic Business Planning

  • 6h 27m
  • James McKee
  • IGI Global
  • 2013

Through the application of information architecture principles, the development of a comprehensible strategic planning process and a useable planning document together will provide an effective solution to any business’s strategic planning problems.

Applying Principles from IT Architecture to Strategic Business Planning describes the principles of IT architecture to develop the creation of an information model of business strategic requirements. Highlighting the importance of organizational goals within a business, this book is an essential read for employees on a managerial and executive level who are involved in the organizational development of a company.

About the Author

James McKee has a PhD from the Department of Information Systems, Wollongong University, Australia. He has lectured in Information Systems at that university for several years and prior to that was a technical architect with EDS Australia working on a large re-engineering project in a team of IT architects with the Australian Customs. James has been in the computing industry for 40 years and he has spent many years in the management team of a University Computer Centre, concluding with the position of Associate Director of Administrative Information Systems.

In this Book

  • Strategic Planning, Information Systems Alignment, and Architecture
  • Research Methodology
  • Is it Necessary to Plan Strategically?
  • Approaches to Strategy Development
  • What Goes Wrong with Strategic Plans
  • Improving Strategic Plan Documentation
  • Strategic Planning Considerations
  • Research (Surveys and Review of Documentation)
  • The Why and the Benefits of Architecture
  • The Role of Information Architecture
  • A Structure for Strategic Planning Information
  • Strategic Planning Reference Models
  • Using the IA Reference Model
  • Conclusions