Armstrong's Handbook of Reward Management Practice: Improving Performance Through Reward, 5th Edition

  • 6h 38m
  • Michael Armstrong
  • Kogan Page
  • 2015

This updated fifth edition of Armstrong's Handbook of Reward Management Practice contains new information on computerized reward management and new case studies. Additionally, Armstrong revised the chapters on pay evaluation, pay structures, merit pay, and executive pay to include new information.

About the Author

Michael Armstrong is Joint Managing Partner of E-reward and an independent management consultant. His books have sold over 500,000 copies worldwide and are translated into over 20 languages. Among them are Armstrong's Handbook of Human Resource Management, Armstrong's Handbook of Performance Management, Armstrong's Handbook of Management and Leadership and Strategic Human Resource Management (Kogan Page).

In this Book

  • Fundamentals of Reward Management
  • Reward Systems
  • Strategic Reward
  • Reward Policies
  • Factors Affecting Reward
  • Motivation and Reward
  • Engagement and Reward
  • Performance and Reward
  • Financial Rewards
  • Non-Financial Rewards
  • Total Rewards
  • The Ethical Approach to Reward and Performance Management
  • Market Pricing
  • Job Evaluation
  • Grade and Pay Structures
  • Equal Pay
  • Merit Pay
  • Bonus Schemes
  • Team Pay
  • Rewarding for Business Performance
  • Recognition
  • Executive Reward
  • Rewarding Sales and Customer Service Staff
  • Rewarding Knowledge Workers
  • Rewarding Manual Workers
  • International Reward
  • Provision of Employee Benefits
  • Flexible Benefits
  • Evidence-Based Reward Management
  • Managing Reward Systems
  • Managing Reward Risk
  • Responsibility for Reward