Artificial Intelligence for Asset Management and Investment: A Strategic Perspective

  • 5h 4m
  • Al Naqvi
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2021

The rise of artificial intelligence is nothing short of a technological revolution. AI is poised to completely transform asset management and investment banking, yet its current application within the financial sector is limited and fragmented. Existing AI implementations tend to solve very narrow business issues, rather than serving as a powerful tech framework for next-generation finance. Artificial Intelligence for Asset Management and Investment provides a strategic viewpoint on how AI can be comprehensively integrated within investment finance.

No other book on the market takes such a wide-ranging approach to using AI in asset management. With this guide, you'll be able to build an asset management firm from the ground up - or revolutionize your existing firm - using artificial intelligence as the cornerstone and foundation. This is a must, because AI is quickly growing to be the single competitive factor for financial firms. With better AI comes better results.

Until now, it has been prohibitively difficult to map the high-tech world of AI onto complex and ever-changing financial markets. Artificial Intelligence for Asset Management and Investment makes this difficulty a thing of the past, providing you with a professional and accessible framework for setting up and running artificial intelligence in your financial operations.

In this Book

  • AI in Investment Management
  • AI and Business Strategy
  • Design
  • Data
  • Model Development
  • Evaluation
  • Deployment
  • Performance
  • A New Beginning
  • Customer Experience Science
  • Marketing Science
  • Land That Institutional Investor with AI
  • Sales Science
  • Investment—Managing the Returns Loop
  • Regulatory Compliance and Operations
  • Supply Chain Science
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • AI Organization and Project Management
  • Governance and Ethics
  • Adaptation and Emergence


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