Augmented and Virtual Reality in Social Learning: Technological Impacts and Challenges

  • 5h 33m
  • Ahed Al-Haraizah, Ahmed A. Elngar, Rajendra Kumar, Vishal Jain
  • De Gruyter Inc
  • 2023

This book focuses on the design, development, and analysis of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR)-based systems, along with the technological impacts and challenges in social learning. Social Learning provides a comprehensive approach to researching methods in the emerging fields of AR/VR. The contributors of this book outline the state-of-the-art implementation of AR/VR for the Internet of Things, Blockchains, Big Data, and 5G within AR/VR systems.

  • Presents the most recent developments in the application of Augmented and Virtual Reality to Social Learning.
  • Includes the analysis of different case studies in various fields.
  • Contains applications to sensors, networking devices and robotics.

About the Author

Dr. Rajendra Kumar is presently working as Associate Professor in CSE Department at Sharda University, India. He holds PhD, M.Tech. and B.E. (all in Computer Science). He has 24 years of teaching and research experience at various accredited institutes and universities like Chandigarh University (NAAC A+). His field of interest includes IoT, Deep Learning, HCI, Pattern recognition, and Theoretical Computer Science. He is author of 05 textbooks (one for McGraw-Hill Education), editor of 07 conference proceedings, chaired 03 sessions in international conferences, published more than 30 papers, 02 book chapters, 03 patents and 02 monographs. He is vice president of Society for research Developemnt and member of many technical organizations like IEEE, IACSIT, IAENG, etc. He is the reviewer of Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing (Springer), Expert Systems with Applications (Elsevier), and some more.

Dr. Vishal Jain is presently working as an Associate Professor at Sharda University, Greater Noida, U.P. He has also worked at Bharati Vidyapeeths Institute of Computer Applications and Management, New Delhi. He has more than 16 years of teaching and research experience. He is Ph.D (CSE), M.Tech (CSE), MBA (HR), MCA, MCP and CCNA. He has more than 600 citation (h-index score 13 and i-10 index 20). He has authored more than 90 research papers, authored and edited more than 25 books with various reputed publishers like Springer, Apple Academic Press, Taylor and Francis Group, Scrivener, Wiley, Emerald and IGI-Global. His research areas include information retrieval, semantic web, ontology engineering, data mining, ad-hoc & sensor networks.

Dr. Ahmed A. Elngar is an Assistant Professor at College of Computer Information Technology, American University in Emirates (AUE), in Dubai International Academic City in the United Arab Emirates. He obtained PhD in Computer Science, from Al-Azhar University – Cairo, Egypt. He has more than 14 years of teaching and research experience. Also, he is associated with Faculty of Computers & Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science Department, Beni-Suef University (Egypt) and Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at Sharda University, Greater Noida, (India) as visiting professor. He holds many other responsibilities and assignments including Book Series Editor (CRC Taylor & Francis Publisher), Head of ICT department (faculty of Egyptian and Korean for technological industry and energy, Technological Beni-Suef University (Egypt), Director (Technological and Informatics Studies Center at Beni-Suef University, Beni-Suef, Egypt), Founder and chairman (Scientific Innovation Research Group (SIRG), Beni-Suef University, Egypt), Deputy Director (The International Ranking Office, Beni Suef University), Director (Beni-Suef University Electronic Portal), Managing Editor (Journal of CyberSecurity and Information Management), Deputy Editor (International Journal of Informatics, Media and Communication Technology), and many more. His are of interest includes Network Security, Cryptography, Multimedia, Steganography, Digital Signal Processing, etc.

Dr. Ahed Al-Haraizah with more than 20 years of teaching and research experience, is Head of Administrative and Financial Sciences Department, Oman College of Management and Technology (from 09/2021- to till date). He obtained his PhD degree in Electronic Commerce Technology form Kingston University, United Kingdom, London in 2010. His are of interest includes E-Business Infrastructure and System Development, AR/VR Systems development and analysis, Information systems infrastructure, E-Commerce Technology, Social learning and marketing, Digital Marketing, etc. He has been actively engaged in E-Government and E-Management training course. He has authored several research papers and book chapters in peer reviewed journals and books, respectively. He is reviewer of Information Resources Management Journal (IRMJ), IGI Global E-Editorial Discovery Series and many other journals. He is member of various College Council committee at Oman College of Management and Technology and has been members of various academic committees of other college/universities.

In this Book

  • VR in Social Learning: Applications and Challenges
  • Integration of Blockchain Techniques in Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • A Comparative Study of Li-Fi over Wi-Fi and the Application of Li-Fi in the Field of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality in Cross-Domain Applications
  • Advanced ICT and Intelligent Systems in Sophisticated Healthcare 5.0 Practice in Modern Social and Healthcare Transformation: An Overview
  • A Study on Enterprise Collaboration in Metaverse
  • Exploring the Synergy Between Augmented and Virtual Reality in Healthcare and Social Learning
  • Exploratory Study of the Parental Perception of Social Learning Among School-Aged Children Based on Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • An Innovative Application Using Augmented Reality to Enhance the Teaching-Learning Process in School Education
  • How Do Augmented and Virtual Reality Influences Visitor Experiences: A Case of Heritage Tourism Sites in Rajasthan
  • Scope of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Tourism and its Innovative Applications
  • 6G and IoT-Supported Augmented and Virtual Reality–Enabled Simulation Environment
  • Virtual Reality in Tourism: Assessing the Authenticity, Advantages, and Disadvantages of VR Tourism
  • Real-Time Weed Detection and Classification Using Deep Learning Models and IoT-Based Edge Computing for Social Learning Applications