Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: Empowering Human, Place and Business

  • 7h 54m
  • M. Claudia tom Dieck, Timothy Jung
  • Springer
  • 2018

This volume provides the latest outcomes of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) research conducted in various industries. It reveals how AR and VR are currently changing the business landscape, and how new innovations provide opportunities for businesses to offer their customers unique services and experiences.

Collecting the proceedings of the International AR & VR Conference held in Manchester, UK, in February 2017, the book advances the state of the art in AR and VR technologies and their applications in various industries such as tourism, hospitality, events, fashion, entertainment, retail, education and the gaming industry. The papers presented here cover the most significant topics within the field of AR and VR for both researchers and practitioners, approaching them from a business and management perspective.

About the Editors

Dr. Timothy Jung is Founder and Director of the Creative Augmented and Virtual Reality Hub at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. He investigates new and innovative ways to implement AR & VR in various industries and he has been involved in a number of funded AR and VR research projects at national and international level. He is an advisor of BirdHIVE VR & Drone project led by Lake District National Park. He is renowned for his work in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and his research work has been covered by Manchester Evening News, Independent and Huffington Post and he is a regular invited speaker in major international conferences. He is the Conference Chair of International AR & VR Conference 2017/2018 in Manchester.

Dr. M. Claudia tom Dieck is a project manager and researcher at the Creative Augmented and Virtual Reality Hub at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. She is exploring how new and innovative technologies can be utilised to enhance the user experience. She has published on augmented and virtual reality, technology acceptance, social media and customer relationship management in journals such as Journal of Travel Research, Tourism Management, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management and Current Issues in Tourism.

In this Book

  • Identifying Tourist Requirements for Mobile AR Tourism Applications in Urban Heritage Tourism
  • How can Tourist Attractions Profit from Augmented Reality?
  • An Ethical Perspective of the Use of AR Technology in the Tourism Industry
  • Augmented Reality Adoption by Tourism Product and Service Consumers—Some Empirical Findings
  • Augmented Reality—Providing a Different Dimension for Museum Visitors
  • Eye of the Veholder—AR Extending and Blending of Museum Objects and Virtual Collections
  • Virtual Reality as a Travel Promotional Tool—Insights from a Consumer Travel Fair
  • The Impact of Augmented Reality (AR) Technology on Tourist Satisfaction
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Physical and Online Retailing—A Review, Synthesis and Research Agenda
  • Technological Innovations Transforming the Consumer Retail Experience—A Review of Literature
  • Measuring Consumer Engagement in the Brain to Online Interactive Shopping Environments
  • Augmented Reality Smart Glasses—Definition, Concepts and Impact on Firm Value Creation
  • The Sensorama Revisited—Evaluating the Application of Multi-sensory Input on the Sense of Presence in 360-Degree Immersive Film in Virtual Reality
  • Directions for Studying User Experience with Augmented Reality in Public
  • A Conceptual Uses & Gratification Framework on the Use of Augmented Reality Smart Glasses
  • Exploring the Early Adopters of Augmented Reality Smart Glasses—The Case of Microsoft HoloLens
  • Functional, Hedonic or Social? Exploring Antecedents and Consequences of Virtual Reality Rollercoaster Usage
  • Urban Encounters Reloaded—Towards a Descriptive Account of Augmented Space
  • Blending the Best of the Real with the Best of the Virtual—Mixed Reality Case Studies in Healthcare and Defence
  • How Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is Being Used to Support People Living with Dementia—Design Challenges and Future Directions
  • Testing the Potential of Combining Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy with Different Virtual Reality Displays—Oculus Rift and oCtAVE
  • Telethrone Reconstructed; Ongoing Testing toward a More Natural Situated Display
  • A Survey of Drone use for Entertainment and AVR (Augmented and Virtual Reality)
  • Augmented Reality for Mobile Devices—Textual Annotation of Outdoor Locations
  • Augmenting Reality in Museums with Interactive Virtual Models
  • The Augmented Worker
  • Digital Representation of Seokguram Temple UNESCO World Heritage Site