Augmented Reality in Education: A New Technology for Teaching and Learning

  • 7h 43m
  • Geroimenko
  • Springer
  • 2020

This is the first comprehensive research monograph devoted to the use of augmented reality in education. It is written by a team of 58 world-leading researchers, practitioners and artists from 15 countries, pioneering in employing augmented reality as a new teaching and learning technology and tool.

The authors explore the state of the art in educational augmented reality and its usage in a large variety of particular areas, such as medical education and training, English language education, chemistry learning, environmental and special education, dental training, mining engineering teaching, historical and fine art education.

Augmented Reality in Education: A New Technology for Teaching and Learning is essential reading not only for educators of all types and levels, educational researchers and technology developers, but also for students (both graduates and undergraduates) and anyone who is interested in the educational use of emerging augmented reality technology.

About the Author

Dr Vladimir Geroimenko is a University Professor, Researcher, Digital Artist, and Writer. A British citizen since 2002, he was born in the Vitebsk Region of Belarus (the legendary birthplace of Mark Chagall), and has lived and worked in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Sweden, England, and, currently, in both England and Egypt.

As a researcher, he has published over 160 scientific works, including 17 books. The latest monographs on Augmented Reality Art (2014 & 2018) and Augmented Reality Games (in two volumes, 2019) are available on Amazon.

In this Book

  • Augmented Reality in Education—Current Status and Advancement of the Field
  • Designing Augmented Reality Applications as Learning Activity
  • An Online Platform for Enhancing Learning Experiences with Web-Based Augmented Reality and Pictorial Bar Code
  • The Concept of ‘Bringing Your Own Device’ in Scaffolded and Augmented Education
  • The FeDiNAR Project—Using Augmented Reality to Turn Mistakes into Learning Opportunities
  • Choral Konsult—Augmented Reality for Electrate Learning
  • Augmented Reality in Medical Education and Training—From Physicians to Patients
  • The Usage of Augmented Reality in Dental Education
  • The Development of Augmented Reality Applications for Chemistry Learning
  • Mixed Reality Books—Applying Augmented and Virtual Reality in Mining Engineering Education
  • Beyond Historical Books, Names and Dates—Leveraging Augmented Reality to Promote Knowledge, Reasoning, and Emotional Engagement
  • Design and Implementation of Augmented Reality for English Language Education
  • Iberian Cultures and Augmented Reality—Studies in Elementary School Education and Initial Teacher Training
  • The Educational Use of the ‘Harry Potter—Wizards Unite’ Augmented Reality Application
  • Making Inside the Augment—Augmented Reality and Art/Design Education
  • The Romantic App—Augmented Reality in Fine Art Education
  • Augmented Reality for Outdoor Environmental Education
  • Augmented Reality in Environmental Humanities Education
  • Interacting Across Contexts—Augmented Reality Applications for Developing the Understanding of the Anthropocene
  • Alaskan Timeosaurs and Interplanetary Human Spaghetti—A Regional Look at Augmented Reality in Special Classrooms
  • Concluding Remarks