Augmenting Customer Experience with SharePoint Online: Building Portals and Practices to Improve Usability

  • 1h 6m
  • Charles Waghmare
  • Apress
  • 2020

Build, enrich, and transform customer experience using SharePoint Online. This book will discuss different SharePoint Online approaches that you can use to enhance customer experience, including digital portals, enterprise content management, Microsoft Teams and much more.

Augmenting Customer Experience with SharePoint Online starts with an introduction to SharePoint Online features you can adopt to create better digital customer experience and transformation. Next, you will learn about augmentation for user and customer experience followed by guidelines and methods to develop smart and intelligent portals. Moving forward, you will cover enterprise and web content management in detail along with the challenges and benefits of using SharePoint Online. The partner ecosystem is discussed next with a detailed discussion on working with suppliers, partners, and vendors. Along the way, you will see how to create smart solutions using SharePoint Online and how to manage customer references. Finally, you will go through the use of SharePoint Online in different business sectors with the help of case studies.

After reading the book, you will be able to adopt SharePoint Online features to augment customer and user experience.

What You Will Learn

  • Augment customer experience
  • Create smart and intelligent portals for various business needs
  • Efficiently manage enterprise and web content
  • Enhance your partner ecosystem for better collaboration
  • Build SharePoint Online solutions

Who This Book Is For

Anyone wanting to adopt SharePoint Online to develop portals, content management systems, knowledge hubs, reference captures, or online foundries.

About the Author

Charles David Waghmare has been working with Shell as Business Analyst in the area of Office 365 services such as SharePoint Online, Yammer, and Teams.

Before, he was working with Capgemini since 2011 for period of eight years, into various roles such as Yammer Community Manager, managing Enterprise Knowledge Management platform called as KM3 and developing a Knowledge Management platform for Digital Customer Experience (DCX) organization using SharePoint Online, to manage Client references and knowledge assets related to Artificial Intelligence and customer experience (CX) and promoting Microsoft Azure Chatbots to automate processes, develop proactive conversation with users and create new use cases. Recently, Charles has joined Shell

Before Capgemini, Charles worked with ATOS (Erstwhile SIEMENS Information Systems limited) for a period of five years starting 2011. In his tenure, he was Community Manager of SAP-based communities at ATOS where he managed communities using Technoweb 2.0 – a Yammer-like platform. In this Communities of Practice (CoP) initiative, Charles was also responsible for managing community sites built in SharePoint. Further, at ATOS, Charles was global rollout manager for a structured document-management system built in SharePoint.

Charles loves reading motivation books and his favourite book is “The Monk who sold his Ferrari”.

In this Book

  • Introducing SharePoint Online Features
  • Office 365 and SharePoint Online for a DCX
  • Explore Digital Customer Experience
  • Using UX and UIs to Develop Smart Portals
  • Building Knowledge Systems Using SharePoint Online
  • AI in DCX