Bank Management and Control: Strategy, Pricing, Capital and Risk Management, Second Edition

  • 1h 54m
  • Johannes Wernz
  • Springer
  • 2020

This book discusses risk management, product pricing, capital management and Return on Equity comprehensively and seamlessly. Strategic planning, including the required quantitative methods, is an essential part of bank management and control. A thorough introduction to the advanced methods of risk management for Credit Risk, Counterparty Credit Risk, Market Risk, Operational Risk and Risk Aggregation is provided. In addition, directly applicable concepts and data such as macroeconomic scenarios for strategic planning and stress testing as well as detailed scenarios for Operational Risk and advanced concepts for Credit Risk are presented in straightforward language. The book highlights the implications and chances of the Basel III and Basel IV implementations (2022 onwards), especially in terms of capital management and Return on Equity. A wealth of essential background information from practice, international observations and comparisons, along with numerous illustrative examples, make this book a useful resource for established and future professionals in bank management, risk management, capital management, controlling and accounting.

About the Author

Johannes Wernz has many years of experience in the banking and insurance industries, as model manager, and in advisory and audit roles. He has been an advisor and consultant for several well-known international banks in London, Zurich, Frankfurt and other locations.

In this Book

  • Short History
  • Motivation and Goal
  • Outline
  • Bank Management and Steering
  • Banks and the Regulatory and Economic Environment
  • Risk Modeling and Capital—Credit Risk (Loans)
  • Risk Modeling and Capital—Counterparty Credit Risk (“EPE” and “CVA”)
  • Risk Modeling and Capital—Credit Risk (Securitizations)
  • Risk Modeling and Capital—Market Risk
  • Risk Modeling and Capital—Operational Risk
  • Risk Modeling—Asset Liability Management
  • Abbreviations
  • Bibliography
  • Glossary