Banker's Guide to New Small Business Finance: Venture Deals, Crowdfunding, Private Equity, and Technology

  • 4h 8m
  • Charles H. Green
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2014

Detailed, actionable guidance for expanding your revenue in the face of a new virtual market

Written by industry authority Charles H. Green, Banker's Guide to New Small Business Finance explains how a financial bust from one perfect storm-the real estate bubble and the liquidity collapse in capital markets-is leading to a boom in the market for innovative lenders that advance funds to small business owners for growth. In the book, Green skillfully reveals how the early lending pioneers capitalized on this emerging market, along with advancements in technology, to reshape small company funding. Through a discussion of the developing field of crowdfunding and the cottage industry that is quickly rising around the ability to sell business equity via the Internet, Banker's Guide to New Small Business Finance covers how small businesses are funded; capital market disruptions; the paradigm shift created by Google, Amazon, and Facebook; private equity in search of ROI; lenders, funders, and places to find money; digital lenders; non-traditional funding; digital capitol brokers; and much more.

  • Covers distinctive ideas that are challenging bank domination of the small lending marketplace
  • Provides insight into how each lender works, as well as their application grid, pricing model, and management outlook
  • Offers suggestions on how to engage or compete with each entity, as well as contact information to call them directly

If you're a small business financing professional, Banker's Guide to New Small Business Finance gives you authoritative advice on everything you need to adapt and thrive in this rapidly growing business environment.

About the Author

Charles H. Green is a seasoned finance professional with over 30 years experience as a commercial banker, mostly funding the small business sector. He founded and served as president/CEO of Sunrise Bank of Atlanta. Charles presently advises a broad list of financial service companies.

He has written extensively about business financing through articles and books including Get Financing Now (McGraw-Hill, 2012) and the bestselling The SBA Loan Book, 3rd Edition (Adams Media, 2011). He earned a BS in finance from the University of Alabama (1979) and a diploma at the Stonier National Graduate School of Banking (2009).

Charles teaches business lending through a number of channels including the Stonier National Graduate School of Banking, ABA's Graduate School of Commercial Lending, the Graduate School of Banking at University of Wisconsin, and Coleman SBA Webinars.

In this Book

  • How Small Businesses are Funded
  • Elusive Nature of Bank Funding
  • Capital Market Disruptions, Post-2008
  • A Paradigm Shift Created by Amazon, Google, and Facebook
  • Private Equity in Search of ROI
  • First Change the Marketplace, Then Change the Market
  • Funders and Lenders—Online Capital Providers
  • Crowdfunding with Donors, Innovators, Loaners, and Shareholders
  • Other Innovative Funding Sources on the Rise
  • Capital Guides—Online Resources to Find, Coach, and Assist Borrowers and Lenders
  • What Innovation Means for Bank Lending
  • About the Companion Website