Be Data Driven: How Organizations Can Harness the Power of Data, 1st Edition

  • 3h 51m
  • Jordan Morrow
  • Kogan Page
  • 2022

Make any team or business data driven with this practical guide to overcoming common challenges and creating a data culture.

Businesses are increasingly focusing on their data and analytics strategy, but a data-driven culture grounded in evidence-based decision making can be difficult to achieve. Be Data Driven outlines a step-by-step roadmap to building a data-driven organization or team, beginning with deciding on outcomes and a strategy before moving onto investing in technology and upskilling where necessary.

This practical guide explains what it means to be a data-driven organization and explores which technologies are advancing data and analytics. Crucially, it also examines the most common challenges to becoming data driven, from a foundational skills gap to issues with leadership and strategy and the impact of organizational culture. With case studies of businesses who have successfully used data, Be Data Driven shows managers, leaders and data professionals how to address hurdles, encourage a data culture and become truly data driven.

About the Author

Jordan Morrow is Vice President and Head of Data and Analytics at BrainStorm and a global trailblazer in the world of data literacy. He served as the Chair of the Advisory Board for The Data Literacy Project and is an active voice in the data and analytics community. He has helped organizations around the world, including the United Nations, build and understand data literacy. He is based in Salt Lake City, Utah and is also the author of Be Data Literate (Kogan Page).

In this Book

  • Preface
  • A Data-Driven World
  • The Impact of Covid-19 on Organizations and Data
  • Technologies Advancing Data and Analytics, and the Need for the Human Element
  • What is a Data-Driven Organization?
  • Foundational Skills Gaps
  • Pillars of an Organizational Data Strategy
  • The Gap in Leadership
  • The Biggest Hurdle—Culture
  • Decide Your Outcome
  • Build Your Strategy
  • Be Data Driven—Start Your Journey!
  • References