Becoming a New Manager: Expert Solutions to Everyday Challenges

  • 43m
  • Harvard Business School Press
  • Harvard Business Press
  • 2008

You've just been promoted to a managerial position for the first time -- congratulations! But beware: the managerial role differs markedly from the individual contributor role. Go into the job with mistaken assumptions about what to expect, and you just may be blindsided by surprising realities.

This book helps you lay the foundation for succeeding in your new role, explaining how to:

  • Discard the "doer" role of the individual contributor for the orchestrating role of the manager
  • Adjust your leadership style to maximize your team's performance
  • Balance conflicting expectations from your boss, peers, and direct reports
  • Deal productively with the stresses and new emotions that come with being a manager

In this Book

  • Becoming a New Manager—Expert Solutions to Everyday Challenges
  • Mentor’s Message—A Challenging and Rewarding Journey
  • Understanding Myths About Management
  • Understanding Complex Expectations
  • Defining Your New Role
  • Managing Teams
  • Managing Individual Employees
  • Promoting Diversity and Group Culture
  • Embracing Your New Identity
  • Strengthening Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Coping with New Feelings
  • Reaping the Rewards of Being a Manager
  • Tools for Becoming a New Manager
  • Test Yourself
  • To Learn More
  • Sources for Becoming a New Manager


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